Does This Automatically Make A Woman or Man More Attractive?

"Don't think that light skin is in...chocolate ain't never went nowhere..."

Can you guess which celebrity hip hop star made this captivatin' comment?

Was it "Mr.Milli" himself?


Nope...try again.

Could it have been...Houston's own Lil' Flip?


If you picked him... sorry, game over.

Give up? It was none other than.... (drum roll)

Snoop (Mr. Great Dane himself)


I'm sure you're probably curious as to what even made him make this statement. Well, he was actually making this quote in reference to his beautiful, ebony-rich daughter, Cori. I think that it's heart warming that he tried to affirm that his lil'' girl is precious regardless of her complexion. But would someone such as Halle's lil' heartbreaker

be considered more pleasing to the eye because of her lighter tint? Confession #86. I have sometimes been guilty of this crime myself (holdin' my head down). However,my color struck condition played a factor in the dating scene. When it came down to gettin' to know a dude, I would NOT spend my precious time with anyone that wasn't the color of Kingford's charcoal. Gentlemen that were of the lighter persuasion were of no interest. I mean, I wouldn't even give these guys a chance.


I had often been questioned by my compadres in crime as to what my logic was behind this way of thinking. Honestly, I really couldn't give them a straight answer. Well, I could, but...I felt like my answer might in fact be controversial. You see, I just felt like dark skinned don's were just more striking. More..mysterious if you will. The brighter skinned gentlemen that I often came in contact with came off as exceedingly arrogant, loudmouthed buffoons.


In my era, it was always "light is right" or "light, bright and close to white." Personally though, I preferred my berry to be blacker so that the juice would be sweeter. Why? Was that because I was rebellin' against society's definition of what 'true beauty 'was or was it just a personal choice? Hmm. Perhaps a smidgen of both. As I matured into this journey that we call womanhood, I realized something. Beauty is indeed colorblind. Do you find men and women of a lighter tone more attractive than say their darker counterparts? When at the mall or some other social function,do you often find yourself cooin' at the lighter skinned baby as oppossed to one of a darker color? The floor is open ladies and gents..

Step on up to that mike and tell me how you feel...

For your viewin' pleasure I have compiled my own personal Celebrities of Color collage.Enjoy...

In the "Lusciously Lighter" category we have...





Next, we have darkly delicious...





  1. clnmike said...:

    A very ugly topic but one that should have been addressed a long time ago.

    I always made it a point to distance myself from people who could openly play with colorism, viewing it rightfully so as a sign of pure ignorance. But it's so wide spread consciously an unconsciously that you feel the need to choose sides. Like I might see an attractive light skin women but I will never tell her that she is because some where I am thinking she has heard it all before and I will be damned if I gas her head anymore than it is. But when I see and attractive darksin woman I tell her so with out hesitation.

    I know dudes who will do the exact opposite.

    I also know women who prefer dark skin men but have a distaste for darkskin women and children.

    I know light skin men who despise light skin women and date only darksin men.

    It's a twisted world black people live in.

    Over all Im not tolerant of it.

  1. clnmike said...:

    Great post by the way.

  1. clnmike said...:

    Oh and i think halle's baby is highly overrated.

  1. @Mike
    It's always great to hear from you...I think you made some valid points and I couldn't agree with you don't think Halle's baby is cute?

  1. Traci Lavette said...:

    I love...absolutely love that Snoop did that! I can't say that I have a whole new respect for him, but I definitely appreciate what he did and how he did it. Thing is, they say that "every mother has the power to make her daughter feel beautiful" and in this case "daddy", but Snoop come on! He has to be able to back that up. One of my favorite songs on his last CD "Those Gurlz"...saw the video and felt so out of place watching it and even more so for loving it. Nothing in that video looked like me...or his daughter! So, what is he going to offer up to her when she's old enough to question why daddy is building me up but nobody in his videos looks like me? The same thing that Kanye said in Essence that got him blasted several years ago? Something to the affect of "mutts being better for videos". Mutts meaning the mixed or the light, bright, damn near white chicks that the keep on shine in ALL the videos.

    It's what happens often. You can get built up all day long, but at the end of the day, when you see that what is considered beautiful by society's standards and what you see in the mirror, contrast greatly, then what???

    As for Halle's baby, she is gorgeous. Can't argue with that. She is a doll. She will get a pass in life simply by virtue of the color of her skin and the texture of her hair...and the fact that she is far removed from Black. She will have nothing to worry about. Snoop's daughter, on the other hand. He can build her up all he wants to, but when all the girls in his video are images of Halle's daughter, what do you have? I guess we will have to stay tuned.

    Oh...and I have a dark-skinned cousin in my family that is the prettiest shade of chocolate you will ever see and I have been out with her several times where people have made the comment: "you are so pretty to be dark-skinned". Excuse my language, but "what the fuck is that?!" She used to thank them until I ran it down to her that, in essence, it really wasn't a complement.

    I'm gonna end now, gurl! Keep it coming. You always make us think.

    And list would include

    On the lighter side:
    Khalil Kain (fine)
    Terrance Howard (sex appeal)
    Will (Day 26)

    On the chocolate side:
    Idris Alba (I know you have something to say!)

  1. @Traci
    Gurl , you think Terrance Howard is cute??!! Ewww!! Lol..He has a Eddie Munster hairline...Idris isn't bad..

  1. Traci Lavette said...:

    @ Tiff!

    Terrance...don't really think he is 'cute', per say, just has some kind of sex appeal to him. And he has that same swagger off screen too. So, I guess I am more in-like with the appeal b/c I am definitely not thinking that he is fine by any means. Along the "texture" of him, Michael Ealy could be some kind of cute - potentially if I had to replace someone in that category LOL!

    And I do remember you clownin about Idris a few posts back, Missy!


  1. I know I've been color struck in the past by preferring the lighter hued men.

    I was young and dumb.

  1. Perri Forest said...:


    @ clnmike...
    It appears that you have assigned yourself as the man to validate darker-skinned women. I think it is honorable, but do you see how telling that is of the society we live in that you even feel the need to do that? I'm sure the ones you complement are beautiful to you and it's why you do it, but the simple fact that you feel it needs to be done is a trip. You are in a sense, looking out for who you feel is the underdog...nice characteristic

    @Traci Lavette...
    I too have someone very close to me that is always being told she is "pretty to be dark". She retorts each time, with: "thank you, but what exactly do you mean by that?" and it's always funny to see the look on their face. It's never expected to be questioned, simply

    @ our host, Ms. Cerebrally Orgasmic...
    your list is on point, girl! And nicely written piece.

  1. @Tee
    Lighter skin men was your thang, huh?

  1. @Perri
    Gurl, I am SO glad u enjoyed it!!

  1. ☆Reese✮ said...:

    Great post girl!! (Love it!)

    I've never based my dating preference on skin tone, but I know a lot of people who do. I even have a friend that says she won't marry a dark skin man because she "doesn't want crispy kids". I can't agree with that because I refuse to "limit" myself to only one flavor of Black.

    If you don't mind, I'm going to link this post on my next write-up, I'm itching to say more but I don't want to clog up your comment space with my rambling lol.

  1. @Reese
    Gurl naw I don't mind you linkin' this to your next post!! Would be honored!!Glad u enjoyed this one!!

  1. FreckleFace said...:

    Kudos sista. I enjoyed this read and I must admit I like my men black but I do not disciminate so to speak. It is more of preference especially coming from a beige brotha myself. Its more of a preferance and I try to seperate myself from colorism as well. I would like to believe that we are above the days of the darker than a brown paper bag is a negative. However some are mesmerized by our shades and complexions. It is indeed sad but it is a discussion that should continue to have.

    if you get a chance come check me out as well( I ran across you off a friends blog and I am sure glad that I did. words, peace and blessings... Freckles

  1. @Freckle
    Hey you!! Thanks SO much 4 stoppin' by!! It was great to hear from you...Of course, I'll check out your blog...

  1. dude.relax. said...:

    I've never prefer more color to less, but how do I choose between Shamar Moore and Omar Epss? Can I have them both?

    I wish I knew why I am attracted to darker skin, could be because I'm on the brown side myself? I go back and forth I guess. I guess right now I just want him to be tall. He can be light skinned as long as he's 6 feet tall.

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