Come Back Guys!!

I love different kinds of music. However, my fav genre would have to be...


The tunes of today are..ok. Honestly, I don't really make a point of keepin' up with the new artists. Turth be told, I'm just an old school girl at heart.These are the sounds I have on blast when I'm crusin' in my car, cleanin' my crib or just..relaxin'. In my mind, these guys are irreplaceable. I wish they could come back!! They are missed!!

Who could forget these guys...


"Do you remember the 21st night of September?" Maurice, Phillip and the rest of the crew were HOTT!!


These gentlemen had a relatively short shelf life but they still were bangin' just the same...

This man...


started a new whole new musical revolution and this fantastic 3 man group known as...

Last but certainly not least...


One of my most fav groups of all time. Their music was so souful and meaningful. I heard that the title of this song wasn't true, but after hearin' them, I was convinced...


  1. a.r.v.y said...:

    Ahhhhhhh I love and miss all these groups ESPECIALLY earth wind and fire I really want to see them in concert!

  1. ☆Reese✮ said...:

    Oh yes! I love this post!
    Now I'm singing "Anniversary" in my head..ooh Tony Toni Tone definitely needs to make a comeback, though I do love Raphael as a solo artist.
    "Love That Girl" is my jam! Oh, and "Be Here" with him and D'Angelo

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Jazz is my favorite genre of music, but I'm definitely Old School myself. My friends make fun of me because I'm 30-years-old and my MP3 is full of 60's, 70's, 80's, and early-90's music. In my humble opinion, the best music came out of the forementioned decades. Today's music evokes no emotions in me. I always have to rock to some Ray Parker Jr., Morris Day/The Time, Isley Brothers, Angela Winbush, Anita Baker, Phil Collins/Genesis, E,W,&F, Chaka Khan, Loose Endz, GUY, Stephanie Mills, Alexander O'Neal, Prince, Patti Austin... I really need to stop or I'll be here all night. The point is that this is the music that my parents listened to when I was growing up so that's the music that I grew to love. Today there are few artists that are really worth listening to and if so, then they only have one or two songs I dig. The music stars between the 60's and 90's knew how to create hit ALBUMS and not just hit SONGS.

  1. @a.r.v.y
    Yeah, I heard that EW&F's concerts were really some of the best out there!! Thanks for stoppin by Mami!!

  1. @Reese
    Gurl, Raphael is doin' remarkably well on his own..his music is oh so smooth and him and his style..

  1. @News
    Man, it was like goin' through a time tunnel readin' all the diff artists u listed..They were some of the best indeed..a real, lasting gift is what they had..they're truly missed..

  1. ThinkGoHard said...:

    man they dont make em like they used to anymore...

  1. @Think
    You got that right!! Thanks for stoppin' by!!

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