Chile', I Need A BREAK!!

Man, can I just say that....I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! Come give me some luvvie!! (Openin' my arms)


(Wipin' my teary eyes)..Alrite y'all I'm good now. For those who keep up with my bloggie boo, you know that there's usually somethin' dreadfully or deliciously dramatic goin' down regardin' yours truly. Well, lately, it's been no different. My 16 y.o. daughter (who suffers from serious emotional and mental health issues) has now been returned home which has been quite eventful. During the first few weeks, it seemed like everyone was gettin' along just peachy. Painfully, I have learned that everything is not always what it seems.


Allow me to paint you a picture. Last Friday night, my DVR and I were gettin' reacquainted as I caught up on missed episodes of the marvelously masterful Criminal Minds (one of all my all time faves). All of a sudden, my darlin' daughter comes thunderin' downstairs like Hurricane Irene interruptin' my peace and solitude. She tells me that my four y.o. has injuries that she didn't have on her before.

Photobucket we go again. I looked at my lil' mama and sure enough, she had marks on her that weren't there a couple of hours ago. Right then I already knew who the guilty party was. Nah, it wasn't our family dog cuz..we don't have one. It was my teenaged terror of a son who was responsible. I tried to prepare myself for the showdown cuz I knew it would be one.


While I was going up the steps towards the object of the confrontation, it felt like I was walkin' the Green Mile. I really didn't want or NEED any more drama. True to his regular form, my oldest son denied inflicting those bruises. I was beyond angry and aggravated because I knew he was lyin'. My oldest daughter is yellin' and screamin' callin' him all kinds of names that you might hear on some after hours adult premium channel. My 4 y.o. is givin' her lungs a serious workout in the next room. My older son is warnin' my daughter to close her trap, but she's her momma's child, so she refuses.


Question. How many of you have had the privilege of seein' a fan fly through the air like some kind of deranged, mechanical superhero? Let me tell you. It is indeed a sight to behold. My daughter decided that the best place for this fan was upside my son's head so she threw it at him.

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It hit its' mark and he lunged at her very quickly. I jumped on my son because he starts throwin' bows anywhere he can find an open space on her body. He was gettin' harder and more difficult to control. He was in a blind rage and based on size I'm like a Happy Meal to his Super Size combo. My 10 y.o. downstairs is panickin' cuz he hears all the fumblin' and tumblin' goin' on. If my son didn't turn her loose, I knew that he could inflict serious injury or worse. The Lord must have heard me pleadin' and beggin'cuz finally my son let go of her but not before callin' her a few choice words of his own.


As I'm sure you can imagine, this incident took about 3 more years off my life. Whew (wipin' my forehead). As a former psych major, I had to sit down and try to figure out the method behind this..madness. Both of them hold deep rooted resentment against the other. He feels like whenever she's in the house, she always adds an element of negativity and a slice of deep dish drama. She despises her bro cuz she sees him as nothin' better than a good old fashioned schoolyard bully who picks on minions that are weaker than him. Do you see why I'm tryin' to make a run for the border to the land where the ocean waves openly kiss golden shores and tropical drinks are the norm and served round the clock?

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Honey, what is a mother to DO??!!
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