What is UP With This Dude??!!


Classicly handsome face. The man has a body to die for. He's got a reputable career in the NFL. Wealthy. He could probably have just about any woman in the world that he wanted. Standing from the outside lookin' in, it looks like the man just about has it all. Yet, there is a burnin' question that smolders in in my conscience about Reg. WHAT'S WRONG WITH GETTIN' A WOMAN THAT LOOKS LIKE HE DOES??


First, we have Kim. She is indeed a beautiful woman. I will definitely cosign on that. Yet, her rise to stardom was based on a HOMEMADE PORNO. She capitalized on that and ran with it. If you ask me, I don't think she deserves to be epitomized or put on a pedestal for that. Other than her exotic looks and obvious assessts, it is beyond my understanding as to how a man could look at her as serious relationship material.What about the whole cliche about turnin' a ho into a housewife??!! I mean the whole world was able to see Ray J (of ALL people) beatin' her stuffin' up. I should respect her "swag" for that? Reggie not only hit it (and eventually quit it) but made her his woman for a while.

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C'mon Mr. Bush, are you serious?? Are there not enough gorgeous, eye-catching, curvy sistas out in the showbiz world? Question. Would he wife a black chick if she had gone to such DRAMATIC lengths to gain notoriety and make a name for herself?

The jury's still out on that one.

Next, behind door number #2 we have...


Miss Carmen Ortega. Now, before Kim & Reg parted ways, I had never even heard of this chick. Now, she decides to come forward and toot her own horn about bein' with him when he already had a mamacita. She timed that ish PERFECTLY. She obviously is willin' to put her affair on blast just to cop a couple dollars. This female speciman is reportedly a model/video vixen. What's wrong with Reggie gettin' with a respectable actress or professional woman of some kind?



  1. Juicy Carter said...:

    not enough willing to let him have a side piece. lol kim knew he was cheating, this is not the first time ive heard about him doing it, i just didnt know her (carmen ortega's) name until after the split. but how many of "us" are willing to let you have your chicks on the side and not bust your windows out?

  1. @Juicy
    Idk gurl..I'm startin' to hear about more and more of our women becomin' more tolerant of a cheatin' man's ways..look at Kim Porter & Diddy..when he was supposed to be in a relationship with JUST her (or so she thought)he was gettin' it in with J Lo!!!Allegdly, she didn't find out till she saw them on that awrads show together!! I think more women are puttin' up with it, cuz they feel like we're havin' a serious black man shortage and they feel like as long as he comes back home to me, it doesn't really matter if he cheats...(shruggin' shoulders)..

  1. K. Michel said...:

    I don't know why you're worried about Reggie Bush ...and yes, I'm jealous that you're giving him attention. What can I say?

    --But to answer your question, when you date interracially ...you don't take into account the person's race.

    It's kind of like, when you find somebody you're attracted to or click with ...you tend to "forget their race". It happens.

    At the end of the day I'm concerned that people are actually worried about guys like Reggie Bush and women like Kim K. Their lives are great, let them worry about you.

  1. Juicy Carter said...:

    i feel u, and thinking like that is nasty because there are way to many damn out there

  1. @K
    "..I'm jealous that you're giving him attention."
    Awww..us so sweet..but u know ur the only one for me..(blush)..Nah, I wouldn't say I'm WORRIED about the Reggie situation..I would just say..curious as to his choice in women...as far as the whole interracial dating thing, I guess I don't like to say a whole lot about that cuz my dad raised me to always "stay in my lane" when it comes to color. I guess that mentatlity stuck.

  1. Traci Lavette said...:

    Ok, so this topic is definitely one to discuss...

    Most often when we have men like this, I don't think it's a case of a simple attraction. We have people that are known to not discriminate when they date, and will date several ethnicities outside their race; but when you see a repeat pattern, it becomes quite obvious that it's not simple attraction - a mere preference...that whole "trophy" thing ya know?

    I met one of my cousins for the first time about 2 years ago. We talked all the time and I was just excited that after being in Cali most of my life with no contact from my dad's side of the family, I finally had it. Well, one day we were having random convo and he just out and says: "Cuz, I hope you don't get mad at me for this, but I don't date Black women...In fact I have only ever been attracted to 1 black woman and I still couldn't bring myself to date her..." There was more to the conversation, but not necessary for now. I responded to him: "I would never have a problem with anyone you decided to date or even marry. One, because it's not my place. Two, because I would only want your happiness and if that is the case, there is NOTHING that ANYBODY should have to say". I continued: "What I do have a problem with is you saying that you "don't date black women".

    The only time I have a problem with it is when it is made to sound like we are just 'off limits', not good enough, not desired, etc. In his case, he just doesn't date black women because he prefers "others". This was a huge turnoff for me.

    So, while I don't know what Reggie's preference of women is, it does bring to question what Ms. CO asks "What is UP with this dude??!!" and so many others in his shoes.

    I apologize for being so wordy, y'all :-)

  1. @Traci
    No apologies needed gurl. Your input is always welcome as well as encouraged. I couldn't agree more with what you stated about black men just deciding that they would rather date any other race of women other then their own. I've heard several black men stereotype and say that black women talk 2 much and have way too much attitude. They also have gone so far as to say that our white counterparts can give them prettier babies. The ignorance of some men just never ceases to amaze me.

  1. K. Michel said...:

    Well, now that the conversation has steered in this direction, I feel I should put in my two cents (as a Black man).

    I think the case with Reggie might be that there aren't many Black women in his social circles. He has football season, pre-season and partying; whoever he dates is going to be found somewhere in these three arenas.

    But, this really isn't about Reggie... rather it's about what he represents. Whenever you have Black men in the position that he's in, it seems that he would get with anything other than a Black woman.

    The thing to remember is that guys like Reggie Bush are a minority. When it comes to Black stars, they tend to date Black women. However, IR relationships are the ones that are blown up for some reason. Like with Reggie and Kim K. However...

    Guys like Kenyon Martin, Carmello Anthony, LeBron James all have Black women on their arms. So, don't think that y'all are undesirable or anything like that to these men.

    --I think it comes down to availability. Somehow, White women (in general) are much more accessible to these kinds of guys.

    And then of course, you have the stereotypes about Black women. Those are definitely not helping you ladies out.

  1. @K
    Lebron, Carmello, and Kenyon are also Black athletes (as is Reg)..are they not? While true there are certain circles that Mr. Bush would indeed come in contact with, I'm just about sure that while the Caucasian females might outnumber the black female in these circles, there are enough of us that he could certainly have his pick from. Dwayne Wade is another example. He is allegedly dating Gabrielle Union who is a beautiful AND successful Black woman. If he doesn't have ready access to these type women, I'm sure that he could get it with no problem IF he really wanted to.

  1. Traci Lavette said...:

    While I am not hatin on what these black men choose to date, I think for some of us, it needs to be what Chris Rock said to Kriss Turner when she was thinking about doing the movie "Something New" with Sanaa Lathan. I can't quote him verbatim, but it was something along the lines of "instead of getting mad about black men dating white women, black women need to not close off their own options and consider dating 'external' as well".

    It's amazing to me that this is an ongoing subject amongst so many and that there is always somebody somewhere making an excuse for it. The fact of the matter is that we can't help who we love, yet when it is to the point of saying that you "don't date this...or date that", it becomes absurd.

    I do feel that as black women, we often have this misplaced loyalty to the black man and it is why we are often affected by what he does with the other race,and affected by why he chooses this other race over "US". Though it is a question, another would be, "what exactly is it that keeps us trippin off of it when we could turn the other cheek and place the loyalty where it really belongs - with ourselves.

    Oh, and that whole stereotype with the Black woman and our attitudes and all that other shit, is for the birds. For real. What it comes down to, is that when we are intelligent, able to articulate, able to be about it, we become too much. Regardless to what any man can say, it's the truth. Some men just have a problem with being a MAN, and it becomes a threat to their manhood to have a woman who can be all that and be Black.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Considering Kim is Armenian and the other chick is Hispanic, I guess Reggie feels cool since they are minorities. Personally, I love and prefer to be with a black woman. No other female has more soul, strength, and sensuality than a black woman. My oldest has always dated white women and is his wife is white. Sure I'd like to see my brother with a woman the same color as our mother, but that wasn't for him. I love him, his wife, and their children and in the end, it always is (or should be) about genuine love. I just know that for me, a black woman is the BEST!

  1. @Traci
    Very well stated..and yes I do find myself as well as quite a few of my sistas showin' loyalty to our black brothasand it's a shame that a growin' number of them can no longer do the same for us..smh

  1. @News
    Glad to hear that you feel that way about black women..

  1. Melanie! said...:

    I agree with ur post. Sometimes it seems like Black men don't want a Black woman. I've noticed this trend and actually wrote a post about it, as well.

    By the way, read this post from another girls blog...It's a letter from a White woman basically saying why Black men prefer white women, etc, and a Black man's response to her. It's veryyyy interesting.

    Let me know what u think!

  1. @Melanie
    Thanks for stoppin by!! I will DEFINITELY check out your post as well as the other..thanks for the info!!

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