Does "Bam-Bam" Deserve A Second Chance??


It was a media feeding frenzy. Could it be true?? Chris "Bam-Bam" Brown was accused of goin' upside the head of his wifey, hip hop's hottie Rihanna. At first, I wasn't sure if this was just part of the gossip grid or what. Yet when I caught a peek of her lookin' like her and Laila Ali had been goin' at it all day...


I realized that something unsavory and unsafe happened in that car that night. Did Rihanna deserve to get a smack down? Did she incite Chris's anger by things she might've said or done? Truth is, we probably will never know what REALLY took place. After all, she's got her version of the truth and he has his. Despite how men and women all over the country might have wanted to take him to a dark alley and deliver a sharp uppercut of their own, he had his day in court.


The halls of justice basically just swatted him on his bottom and told him not to do it again. From what I heard, that was ok with Rih Rih. The story was that she didn't really want him to be punished anyway.Could it be because she would no longer get to control Chris's...shall we say.. magic wand?


Is it because she was indeed feelin' guilty about the possibility of him havin' to do a bid?


The world may never know. Consequently since he has been given his punishment, he recently issued a public apology to her...


Awww...well who could stay mad at that face, right? Let me ask you something. Do you think his apology was sincere? Was it maybe just a public relations ploy to help rebuild his somewhat shattered image? Should Rihanna let him back in (if she hasn't already)?
What if he gets down on bended knee...will that help?



  1. K. Michel said...:

    Bam-Bam? Oh boy... haha.

    I wasn't a big fan of Chris anyway, but he's been put through all kinds of hell. I'm convinced that he's learned his lesson.

    --He probably won't even sneeze Rihanna's way after this episode.

    I think that people on the outside looking in have the luxury of somehow believing that they know what's best in terms of Chris and Rihanna.

    All of this, when they damn well don't have their own lives in order. Ain't that a trip, babe?

    Chris did his time. He has no history of this kind of behavior (allegedly). Let's just see where he goes from here.

  1. @K
    Always a pleasure to have you drop in...of course you can't always believe everything you hear, but the word is that those 2 might still be creepin'..(shruggin' shoulders..)..I hope he has learned his lesson cuz he's still young and has his whole life ahead of him...

  1. ☆Reese✮ said...:

    Once again you are in my head lol! Said everything I wanted to say before I could even comment! *hugs you*

    I too hope he's learned from it and it never happens again...

  1. @Reese
    **Hugs you back** It's always good to hear from you Reese Cup!!! Lol...

  1. I think he deserves a second chance. He's young and made a mistake as all humans do. I'm not gonna front though, I was a lil tight at the whole abuse thing. Not a good look to put ur hands on someone regardless of reason.

    I've put up a few posts discussing my thoughts on this, so please check that out when you get a chance.

    As for the public apology... I think it was hard for him to do it and I applaude his bravery on that.

    ~Nina of *AF*girls

  1. @Nina
    Yeah, I agree..I also believe that it couldn't have been easy to apologize after everything's that's happened..I wish him the best...

  1. clnmike said...:

    How long should some one be punished? He addressed it, said he was sorry and I am assuming will be doing PA about it for a while. So he is good with me.

  1. @Mike
    Thanks 4 stoppin' by...

  1. Traci Lavette said...:

    Girl! You ALWAYS bring it! Hands down, my FAVORITE blog to come by. I thought I was retarded, but you with the titles, pictures, etc keep me going. How the hell did you come up with "Bam-Bam" LOL! Love you, girl!

    Anyway...I do think that Bam-Bam deserves another chance. He has gotten his own beating from all of US and the media. I'm sure he is feeling about 2" tall with all the threats from Jigga and Kanye and not to mention the random public threats. Like you said, none of us will ever really know the details of what happened that night so we can't really safely judge other than to say that no woman should EVER be beaten.

    I will vote "yes" for giving Bam-Bam another chance. LMAO!


  1. @Traci
    Lol...glad that u are enjoyin' the blog. Your support as well as others, are what help keep me motivated. How did I come up with Bam Bam? Gurl, brain just works overtime, I I'm kinda on the silly side..;)..yeah Jay and King Kayne probably hd him shook from the he learned his lesson...

  1. Jay1 said...:

    i'm not gonna leave a long drawn out answer but i say no, no second chance for chris.

    and i'm not trying to be one of those people who leaves links in the comment section of peoples blog but a longer version of my reply can be found here.


  1. @Jay
    Thanks 4 stoppin by..I'm gonna ck out that link u provided cuz I'm curious as to see why u think he shouldn't get a second chance...

  1. Damion009 said...:

    ha ha ha!!! this mad me laugh out loud!!!! awesome post!

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