Makes Me Wanna Holla!!!

If you REALLY wanna know how I'm feelin' 'bout my son these days..well...jus' check out Mama Mufusa's mug in the above shot. Yup. Now if she would just put her hands in her hair and pull till her roots are screamin' for mercy, that would be more accurate.
Welcome to my world.
I have the pleasure and pain of havin' a 12 y.o. son.
Ya know.
Voice octaves go from Pee Wee Herman to Barry White within 6.3 seconds.
Clearsil has become a permanent fixture in his bathroom.
Tries to be slick by sneakin' my cell and watchin' steamy skin flicks all courtsey of Youtube.
Yes suh.
Good ole puberty.


Lookin' at my phone and seein' things in the browser like" hot lip hotties"  is enough to make me wanna go runnin' in the middle of I-35 blindfolded with a shower cap and fuzzy slippers on.
Sadly though, that's only part of my daytime dilemma.
A couple of weeks ago I was seekin' and searchin' for some cold hard cash that I had left in my purse.
Hmm. Not there.
Well, that's weird.
I shook out all the old,wrinkled up tissues, out dated receipts, and clunky pennies from
my pocketbook thinkin' maybe I had just overlooked it somehow.
Still no George Washington's to be found.
Then, it hit me.


I knew my son took it. Man, I was so heated even my butt muscles was shakin'.
Here's what I knew. If I ASKED him if he took the $ he would swear on his video game collection that he hadn't seen it or messed with it.
I knew the issue had to be confronted.
Ya see, one of the things that my mom had always taught us was that if a person lies, they will sho' 'nuff steal.
I never wanted to believe that. Especially about my own kids.
However, I knew my seed was one of the biggest liars this side of the Rio Grande.
All that evening, I kept puttin' it off and puttin' it off.
Just didn't feel like talkin' 'bout nothin' else negative cuz it's ALWAYS somethin' with him, ya know?
Anywhooters, I knew that I couldn't delay the inevitable.


I told him that I knew that he took the money. At first he tried to deny it (big surprise there).
Eventually he revealed that the reason that he had "sticky fingers sydrome" is because he wanted to prove to the other kids that he wasn't a nice kid after all.
Wow. Seriously?
Although I am somewhat sympathetic towards the plight of preteens and them tryin' to get in where they fit in, this was still unacceptable.
I grounded him and took away privileges.
Hoenstly though, it really doesn't seem like it phased him cuz somedays he comes home from school with unaccounted for "gifts" that "some girl in the hallway" gave him.

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  1. Newy said...:

    as I told you before when you said the po-po was called to Wally world...O yeah the police would have been coming...for a different I would have beat the black off my seed.

    Yes raising a boy to a man is not easy...My 6'1" son towers over my
    5'2" frame...and because of this, he tried me once. Notice I said ONCE. He forgets his mom is former Navy. I chopped him in the thoat- Yep thoat not throat...then with a well place abdominal kick proclaimed that "Long as you are black and breathing you better NEVER try that again."

    Boys try ifs or buts about it. But you have to bring that old school fear back into them so they know it's "My way or the highway up in this mutha $%#@"

    I have shaken mine like a tree in a tornado...all I can say is time...and an occasional chop to the thoat is the only thing that is gonna help.

  1. @Newy
    BLAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Gurllllll, u are a FOOL!!! CTHU...

  1. Juicy Carter said...:

    LMAO @Newy!!! I have 3 boys so I feel your pain. All three of mine try me on a daily basis. From my 8 year old all the way down to the 2 year old... smh.

  1. Chatterbox said...:

    This is a great post. The pictures go SO well. Great job. I have 3 sons as well.. I have felt all of those feelings in the pictures...1 tried me when he was about 8 ... and let's just say at 22... he ain't neva tried that again... and that middle one...*shaking my head @ that one*... tried when he was about 15...I tripped him, he fell, I straddled him got my knees on his elbows and got UP IN HIS FACE... not another problem outta HIM tryin THE MOTHER! Newy is right about boys tryn mamas, I guess it is just a part of growing up.. I dont know. Hang in there girl!

  1. @Juicy
    Heyyyy gurl!! It's been a while!!! Wow, u have 3 men-in-training, huh?
    I'n glad I'm not alone in this!! Smh..

  1. @Chatterbox
    Hey Ms. Lady!! Thanks 4 stoppin' by!
    Gurl, sometimes I feel like I am REALLY at my wits end with him. Somedays I just feel down right lost. Thanks 4 the encouraging words though!!!

  1. lol..this is too funny! Have patience with the lil one tho momma...they all go through their little phases.

  1. @Shirley
    Thaks Mami!! I'll try to keep that in mind!!

  1. wow...I think it is just a phase soon he will out grow up and things wont need to be bolted down so he can't get the sticky fingers.. I will get better

  1. @Sunshine
    Thanks 4 the encouragement!! It's much needed!!

  1. KalpanaS said...:

    Real Funny! The hand that rocks the cradle rules the teen spirit, ok. :) enjoyed reading your post.

    KalpanaS @

  1. *Raises his hand* Guilty. i did this to my momma when I was a teenager and she let me have it - with a baseball bat. I'm glad that she wasn't an athlete because she never connected... but my mind did connect with her message: don't be a FOOL and mess with her money. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as she told me that simple communication will yield more out of life.

    I can't believe the peer pressure that goes on amongst young kids nowadays. I hope that your son understands that there is nothing cool about showing off.

  1. ms.composure said...:

    Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv!def enjoyed this post!

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