Some Folks Just Don't Know When To HUSH!!!

Sometimes I seriously wonder what kind of world we live in. There are more and more people just comin' out of the side of their necks and confessing to things that should be kept under lock and key. I was coastin' down the internet interstate when I crashed into this latest saga:


Miss Stefani Germanotta or better known as Lady Gaga, bore her soul by admitting that she has both male and I believe the politically correct term for this would be a hermaphrodite. She has freely admitted that she is "not ashamed" about havin' a "poon and a peener." By no means am I sayin' that she should hold down her head in shame about bein' different. Yet on the flip side, I don't feel as though it was necessary for her to put her private affairs on blast.


I am a firm believer that some issues should be kept quiet and taken to the grave. Why did she feel like this was something she HAD to reveal? Does she have no decency and pride? I really felt like this was some information that I didn't NEED or WANT to know. In my eyes, I don't see her as some radical pioneer for the rights of hermaphrodites all across the land. I don't admire her for her honesty. I don't look up to her for her boldness. Just because she's in the public eye, doesn't mean all her private info needs to be shared with the whole world.


She calls herself "Lady"? I think some people use this term a bit too loosely.



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  1. GL0 said...:

    See, the thing is she didn't just come outta nowhere and make this confession.. this is something she'd been trying to conceal her whole career.

    But of course, she has childhood friends, family members, and people who have known about her "condition" long before she was famous. So it was only a matter of time before rumors got out and she started being questioned about it.

    And sure enough, questions starting coming in, and rather than denying it, she embraced her "difference" and for that, i tip my hat. Unlike all these other celebs who claim to be perfect and deny their slightest flaw to the public, Lady Gaga is keepin it real and lettin us know what it is. So at least there's no surprises if something DOES pop out.. Haha

    Nice post though! :)

  1. @Glo
    Thanks for the clarification. It is still my opinion though,that her reaction to her physical differences could've been handled in another way. If she's claiming that despite possessing both type of genitals that she is all woman, then she needs to conduct herself like one. She can be unique and stand out without being so vulgar and tasteless.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    From what I heard she'd been catching hell over this and that lead to her more or less exposing herself.

    I'm with you in that things of this magnitude should be kept to oneself, but I guess peer pressure can get to the best of us and have us letting all of our skeletons out of the closet.

  1. clnmike said...:


    A lot of dudes feel violated right now, like they just got anally fingered while drunk.

  1. @News
    Yeah, you could be right...

  1. D.V. said...:

    ??? you mean theres actual truth behind this???? i saw it on a blog not too long ago but i just thought she said she looked like a hemaph...damn.. (s)he got some voice

  1. @D.V.
    Yeah,it's true..she ADMITTED it...

  1. K. Michel said...:

    Jeez... that's kind of disturbing. How do you even...? Ugh!

    --I do fear that this is too much drama for one person to take. This is the kind of attention that drives celebrities to doing dangerous things to themselves.

  1. @K
    Let the church say amen!!

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