Have Y'all Checked This One Out Yet?


You take a trip to to your local movie rental outlet. Your heart is set on that cinematic masterpiece that you never got a chance to see at the theatre. Mentally, you start planning what type of edibles you will partake in while watching your flick. Before you know it you've reached your destination. You hit the door and make a beeline for the new release wall. There it is!!! You can see the DVD cover from here!! Everything starts moving in slow motion ( Chariots of Fire theme music). You gently nudge that unsuspecting couple to the side who can't make up their mind whether they want to see a chick flick or a slasher film. Your hand is already poised and ready to pick it up and put it under your arm. Yes!!! Yes!!! Finally, you...Wait a minute. What the flub -a-dub?? These covers say for display only!!!! NOOOOOOO!!! There must be some mistake. You eagerly push back all the covers looking for a DVD, somewhere, anywhere. No such luck. Damn it man!!! You really wanted to rent that movie. Now what? You 're about to leave the store feeling dejected. But wait grasshopper. All is not lost. Ever think to check the releases that might not have ever made it to the big screen? Now that might be worth checking out, huh?

Ever check this one out?


OK. As you can tell by reading the colorful movie poster, this photo drama has quite a few heavy weight actors and actresses.Plus, it even has a guest cameo by a beautiful African American actress that wasn't listed on the marquee. Even though I won't reveal her identity, I'll give you a hint. She's gal pals with Gabby Union. Alright now, let's get to the nitty gritty. This story is basically about the lives of several strangers that mystically become intertwined. Jessica Biel (Justin Timberlake's love slave) stars as a confused, lonely out of place exotic dancer who craves some serious love and attention from a male suitor. She tries to balance the woes of her daily grind with the responsibility of being a single mamacita. Since I'm one of the world's coolest chick-a- dees ever spawned, I'm gonna give you a quick sneaky peeky:


Jessie is workin it out, ain't she? Alrighty then. She then in turn makes contact with Ray Liotta (Memba' him from Good Fellas and Blow?). He's a do -gooder ex con who's trying to walk the straight and narrow. They have a chance encounter and so begins the twists and turns of their tumultuous interactions. Forest W. plays a tortured and martyred individual who no longer has the will to keep it going. He's concocted this bizarre strategy to help him get to the pearly gates quick, fast, and in a hurry. He will soon see that things sometimes don't work out the way one has planned. Hmm. Here come Lisa Kudrow(Phoebe from Friends). This babe has got some issues of her own. Yet, this dame wants her a chocolate fix and by Nelly she will get it!! Lol.


All in all the movie was..mmmm....so-so. There were some gut wrenching moments where I felt like taking a concrete bungee jump. Yet, what I did find appealing was there were some surprises that took me off guard. I must say this. If you just broke up with a significant other or you're looking for some other reason to have a pity party than grab you a pint of Ben & Jerry's and knock yourself out. BUT if you just got that promo at work or got that guy/girl to finally notice you and you're feeling elated like a fiend in a crack house, than maybe you should wait before feasting your eyes on this particular DVD.


  1. Krystel said...:

    Yes this has happened to me many many times lol.

    But the movie does look interesting, Forrest Whitaker is a pretty decent actor , so definitley might have to check this out.

  1. ☆Reese✮ said...:

    LMAO! loving your description of the video store drama!
    I'm gonna have to check this out...thanks girl!

  1. @Krystel
    U should def watch it...

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