Can A Man Be TOO Honest?!


Boredom was my first, middle and last name on this particular Saturday. To break the montony of my yawn fest, I decided to check my messeages on Spacehate. I'm sorry. MySpace. Anyhooters, there was a note from a long, lost shall we say...acquaintance. I was kinda curious as to what he could possibly want because we had a pluck your eyeballs out- knock down-drag out fight last time we spoke.


His message was casual. Yet he left his new # and asked me to call if I felt like it. Hmm. I waited about 2 days. What can I say? I just HAD to know what he wanted. I sent him a text just to feel out the situation. He replied back and we played textual tag for a minute. He then asked if I could call him so we could talk. I agreed. Just to break the ice more, I decided to ask him him some questions that would help me get a better feel as to what type of man I was dealin' with.


I gave him this scenario. What would you do if your best friend's girl tried to come on to you? How would you handle that? Would you tell him? Now, I gotta admit. I'm a pretty jaded individual. Based on my personal life events, nothing too much that happens nowadays surprises me. Yet his response left me bankrupt for words. Here's what he said. "If she was hot I would sleep with her and then tell my boy she wasn't sh*t."


Huh?? Was this dude for real? Is the word loyalty not listed as an entry in his personal dictionary of life? I asked him how he could betray his BEST FRIEND like that. His response was that guys basically stab each other in the back all the time. Get them before they get you was his convoluted logic. I was utterly disgusted. I think he knew I was because he replied by saying "hey, I'm just keepin' it real." I guess this is the part where he was expectin' some props or perhaps a standin' ovation.


Fortunately, the catastrophic call came to a screechin' halt not too long after his riveting revelation. Should he have been celebrated for the fact that he didn't hold back? Is there such a thing as bein' TOO real?



  1. ☆Reese✮ said...:

    I've had that conversation before and gotten that very same answer. I think that's a terrible cop-out. How are you really a friend if you're willing to sleep with your boy's girl just because she came on to you? Ugh!
    There's no way I wouldn't go tell my home girl what her man was up to.

    Ok and the "get him before he gets you" mentality is so stupid! Who lives like that?

  1. D.V. said...:
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  1. D.V. said...:

    not really, the truth is the truth..perspective dictates whether its just honest or tactless, because ones morality plays a part

    one can be too real both ways (good,bad) it all depends on what you think is right or not.

    but truth is truth and you did ask for it lol

  1. @Reese
    Some men are just triflin', nasty a man can sleep with his best friend's gurl is beyond my scope of understanding but some folks I guess just have no shame...

  1. I'm tryin to understand how anyone can justify this...but I'm not coming up with an answer.

    All I gots to say least you know now

    So I will give him some credit for being honest (or "real")

  1. @creative
    Yeah, I can't argue with you on that..his actions rendered me SPEECHLESS for like a whole minute!!! Lol..but ur least he was honest which let me know that I wanted NOTHING to do with him...

  1. Blog Queen said...:

    Honesty is definitely the best policy and thank God this guy revealed, with no shame, his true colors. Does the word skank classify for a dude?

  1. @Blog
    Yes.."skank" definitely would classify a dude!!

  1. JSADTheKing said...:

    Has no one heard the phrase "Bros before Hoes" --- Technically if she is your Boys girl and she is on you like that then that would make her a hoe???? Right?????

    And when it comes to your boys, the ones you grew up with, the ones you you truly know, you already know all about her and what she is about if you knock her off its not about "getting them before they get you" Thats the dumbest shit I ever heard!!!

    Truth is, If he really is your boy you know wether he is really into her or not! And you are not about to put some hoe before your boy!!!

    In the same breath if it aint his wife or his main he'll probably tell you to knock her off just so he doesn't look weak in front of his boys.

    In the end you always tell you boy " yeah that chick you been dealing with was trying to holla at me " and were it goes from there depeneds on how he responds, LOL!!!

  1. Jo said...:

    cool I really like the way you write
    "space hate" and bankrupt for words
    and the pics are cool too

    Ummm I think the real question is can a woman handle it. what he would do is messed it up but would you rather have him lie.

    This girl asked me how her hair looked before we went to a party. I thought It looked ugly but that would have made her mad and hurt her feelings. So I lied she walked around the party looking crazy as hell.

    I just don't think you can win with these situations
    but Im definitely not defending him cause that shady as hell

  1. Jo said...:

    oh yeah almost forgot thanks for the add

  1. @Jo
    Hey!! Thanks 4 stoppin by!! Yes, this dude is VERY shady..I don't even talk to him anymore after he told me that!!

  1. clnmike said...:

    Cant blame him for being honest, but damn sure wouldnt be calling him a friend.

  1. @Mike
    Trust me, he's not my friend!!

  1. Juicy Carter said...:

    ok, so i agree that his response was triflin and wrong but you cant be mad at the man for giving you his HONEST answer when thats what you asked for, or would you rather him lie and say the opposite just to spare you and look like a good guy?

    atleast you found out in advance what kind of person he was

  1. @Juicy
    Don't get me wrong..I wasn't angry that he was honest..I was just disgusted by his truth and choose not to have anything to do with him...

  1. Perri Forest said...:

    Hi there!

    New to the blog scene and came across your page.

    Interesting question. I don't think too much honesty is too much. I think we simply need to be more honest with ourselves when we pose certain questions. Do we really want to know the truth? If he would have lied, it might have been that you would have doubted his word. Instead he told the truth and it has become a cause for discussion. So...I think that it is definitely sometimes a case of whether we can "handle the truth".

    Not to mention that you probably didn't want him to give you an answer you could live with since you don't too much favor him in the first place LOL!

    Good post.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    "..."hey, I'm just keepin' it real."..." he simply doesn't understand the concept of friendship.

    Someone said; "...of all the treasure which in time will come our way, there will be nothing as precious as the friends we make today." obviously, that ain't the way to sustain friendships.


  1. i def have to give my opinion here i didnt even bother reading wat anyone else said so if i repeat something lol sorry...

    a honest man is very hard to come across....and for him to b very blunt is a plus to me...i prefer it personally....but theres a line of respect that should be drawn....i think honest men are usually the most arrogant and cocky ones and are not emotional...usually they only care about but my point is.....

    i rather b told the truth that makes me cry....then be told a lie that makes me smile....

    Kiyyah of *AF*

    i kno its been a while...

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