Have These Stars Crossed The Line??

"Like a virgin...touched for the very first time..."(even though I'm just about sure this wasn't the case for her)..


Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone or affectionately known as...Madonna. I always enjoyed her music. It was edgy served up with a side of sacrilege. Her melodious songs crossed boundaries both color-wise and morally.

I remember when she hit the stage in this get up and mouths dropped:


Her costume catastrophe might seem pretty tame based on today's rather loose standards. Yet back in the era of the 80's it was definitely racy. Her hips were on constant gyrate mode while she twisted and twirled the pointy edges of her torpedoed ta-ta's.
As time pressed foward, so did her boldness. She continued to push the envelope even further with her Erotica cd and her all about Sex book.


People were probably still drinkin' from that fountain (shudderin')

Madonna exploited her free sexuality to any and everybody who would listen. The concept of drawing the line was foreign to her. Even as she began to age, she still continued with her exhibitionist behavior as seen here with Miss Britney...


Miss Madonna is now at the milestone mark of 50. When is enough ENOUGH??!! She's still trying to recapture her youth as you can see in this pitiful, unphotoshopped pic...


Next on the homefront we have America's new public-relations princess...


She got her humble start as a strip...Aw man, I'm sorry. The politically correct term would be exotic dancer. Please forgive my ignorance. But like the Jefferson's theme song says, she's movin' on up!! I mean, she went from bein' this no name chick's main squeeze...

(Ol' girl's fade is pretty tight, huh? )

to bein' King Kanye's permanent arm piece...


She now has secured a modelin' contract with a very reputable agency. Most would say that she's on her "grind." Ok. I can't argue with that. But at what cost? What about her reputation and her image? I guess it just doesn't matter when you're ballin,' huh?


Should people launch their careers and keep them going by any means necessary? What types of limits should be set if any?

I need to hear from YOU!!



  1. Ok, you just informed me on a whole lot I didn't know about Amber Rose. Hmmmm.......

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Madonna could be seen as the consummate musical slut in the early-80's, but over the years, she grew to become a mature music artist; I mean at nearly 50-years-old there's no need for her to be parading around on stage with all of her skin showing acting out sexual encounters.

    Amber Rose is a whole other freak of nature and I am not sure how to really see her. I guess she used what she had to get what she want.

  1. @Tee
    Glad I could help!! Lol..

  1. @News
    I couldn't agree with you more..It's time for Madonna to grow up and realize that she's not as younf as she used to be and she has kids that are watching..Amber just seems like she is willin' to go to just about any lengths to grab attention(shruggin shoulders)

  1. makeupchica said...:

    madonna let that pic out sans photoshop? hahaha, her peeps have let her down big time. looks like she missed her botox appt. why can't american women age gracefully with some class and style? sophia loren comes to mind right about now. still sexy at 60+ and not showing her crotch.

    and when will women realize that guess what? spreading your legs is nothing new, it's not shocking and it's so not cute.

    amber lacks creativity. did you see that spread she did trying to emulate the one and only grace jones. ugghhhh

  1. Gurl, I couldn't agree with you more!!

  1. FreckleFace said...:

    I dont believe that there is truly a comparison. madonna pushed the envelope but there was talent behind her. she created her brand and sold it as it was taboo - folks accepted. As for this Amber Rose chick... Her body is sick and he shoes are always pretty fly. She is just she but she doesnt really have any talenet. All she has is her look so what happens when that is gone. she doesnt talk or do anything? Will she attempt to write a book like Karrine? I see the parallels but Madonna had voice (singing, acting, books, minor dab philanthropy and whatever it may be she stands for something). Amber is hot and I almost believe that she and Kanye are benefitting each other as for publicity but who am I to say that. She is gettin her 15-45 minutes of being face and boxy everywhere. but really what does she sound like?

    things that make you go hmmmm... freckles.

  1. @Freckles
    You spoke real truth!! Very well said about Amber...

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