What Really Makes Her Think That She's So Different??

It was just another ordinary, run of the mill kind of day. The kids were slavin' their afternoon away at school. My biological best friend (my mom) and I were havin' a long- distance gossip gatherin' all courtsey of AT&T & Verizon. As I was about to ask her one of my many probin'questions, her voice tone suddenly changed from amused to outraged. She asked me if I had heard the latest melodrama involving the evangelistic empress herself Juanita Bynum. Now, this was already an unusual turn of events. I normally pride myself on bein' hip when it comes to knowin' the skinny on a celeb. Yet this bit of news threw me for a loop.

She began to tell me the sordid story of rage and anger that transpired between Juanita and her hubby Bishop Thomas Weeks III. I must admit that I was stunned and disappointed. It was bad enough that he was havin' delusions of grandeur and took on the role of Muhammad Ali. However, the fact that he put his hands to her in a PUBLIC place was just over the top. The judge should have issued Bishop's Weeks'punishment to go a couple of rounds with Mike since he obviosuly had such high aspirations to be a world championship boxer.

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Ok. Put your finger on the fast forward button to about a week or so ago. Sweatin'. Shakin'. I'm feenin'for my celeb crack fix. Tremblin', I make a break for the nearest gossip site. No, no. Tired of hearin' 'bout Lil Wayne and his many baby momma's drama. Nah, I need somethin' like....Wait a minute. This has GOT to be some kind of sick, cosmic joke. When I saw these two...


I just HAD to find out what in the blue moon was REALLY goin' on. Turns out that Mr. Wally Wifebeater and this beautiful breath of fresh air (Prophetess Christina Glenn) are gettin' hitched come October. Oh, I didn't tell you? They cordially sent us an evite...Let's take a look, shall we?

Question. Does Christina reside on our fair planet that we call Earth? If so, how could she NOT have heard about what happened between Juanita and her brand new foul, fightin' fiancee? Was she not able to view the aftermath?


Confession #90. My soon to be ex hubby liked to take out his many frustrations and insecurities out on me. Physically. I got the opportunity to finally see what my phone tasted like when he gave me a smooth backhand to my mouthpiece usin' my phone to do it with. Man, my soup coolers (lips) looked like somethin'off a documentary called Collagen Injections Gone Horribly Wrong.


Clueless Christina better wake up and hear those po' po' sirens. Why would she even put herself in this type of position? She should be afraid to hook up with this man on ANY type level, let alone as her husband. Sometimes we as women act just like we ain't got the good sense God blessed us with. Some of us always thinkin' that we're gonna be the exception to the rule. Honey, quit keepin' your eyes wide shut!!


I guess the possibility of a man tap dancin' upside her noggin is somewhat appealing. I just don't get it.This woman is obviously a knock out. She loves God. She has her own ministry. Perhaps she should ask the Lord to prophesy to her about whether or not she should tie the knot with this man.


  1. Leiominala said...:

    this is not wise on her part and harmful to women in general, because men will never stop mistreating and abusing women if they know that after they are done they can just find another one who will accept them. she deserves whatever she gets

    btw your blog is awesome

  1. @Leio
    Thanks!! Glad u like!! I agree with your consensus. If she goes throuh with this marriage, then she does deserve whatever she gets...

  1. FreckleFace said...:

    I got that youtube invite the other day on fb and could not truly and sincerely believe this foolery. However, is this beneficial for the both of them? Her ministry and the publicity. His life and betterment of his image. This is actually the first thing that came to mind as i watched this fully scripted mockery. I would like to believe that she fell for his foolishness. However there are those women that believe that she may have asked for it and she shoulf have taken better care of her man. Or there are those women that go completely scriptural and say that the bible says that we all are to be forgiven as long as we repent to God.

    I mean really do you really announce your wedding via youtube like that? I am going to leave this along before I lose points with God.

    Words, peace and blessings,


  1. @Freckle
    Gurl, I couldn't hev said it better myself...I also thought about the publicity angle...but ya know at one time he was talkin' 'bout doin' a reality show lookin' for luv..smh..I'm a firm believer in forgiveness...but I'm sorry I don't think that I could EVER marry a man who had a history of domestic abuse that I knew about...

  1. Jotwice said...:

    Once they do it one time they WILL DO IT Again Great Blog check out mine www.jotwice.blogspot.com

  1. ☆Reese✮ said...:

    Wow, Freckle summed that up quite nicely! I have to agree with everything said in the comments above me, she has to know what she's getting into. Has he taken the time to seek some kind of treatment? I just don't understand why should would want to marry him.

  1. Angela said...:

    This is a sad sad day in Christianity. Why couldn't these people get married without the publicity stunt. They both look rather fake in my opinion. A
    vintage affair, classical muscic in the background......barf.

    These people are turning the word of God into a side show.

  1. Don said...:

    I thought dude looked familiar. I wonder what his ex-wife has to say about it.

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