Dramatic Fact of The Day Is..

It is IMPOSSIBLE to sneeze with your eyes open!!


When you sneeze, it affects different parts of the body like the neck, abdomen, chest and face.
During a sneeze, the impulses that travel through your face cause your eyelids to blink. This response is totally automatic.


In the past I've tried to keep my eyes open, but it didn't work!! Lol.


  1. Nikki C. said...:

    lmao... interesting

  1. I'm such a loser..that I'll be the one to go try and keep my eyes open. LMAO! Very intersting! Makes me think of snapple facts! love those! lol!

    -Kelly of *AF*

  1. Ladies...glad y'all liked it!!

  1. S Jones said...:

    heyyyy i wanna test this out...lol

  1. GL0 said...:

    LOL! omg, i've tried soo many times to keep my eyes open, but yes, ur right.. its impossible! and life-threatning i hear now! haha, so i stopped trying! :P

    lovely blog :-)

  1. @S Jones
    Try it out!! it's fun!!!

  1. @GL0
    Thanks boo boo..I enjoy ur blog too...

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