What Y'all Gonna Do??

Fun. Rest. Friends. Fam. The time of the week when we can sleep late and not possibly lose our jobs once we wake up...


We as ladies can throw on our sexiest, slinkiest dress with the 3 inch strappy heels and break it down low at the club...


We can get together with our sistagurls and have a few drinks(maybe even a few hot wings while you playin')...


Hey..we can even get it on and poppin' with our boo boo baby (clearin' my throat)...


How about YOU?? What 'chu got on YOUR agenda this weekend??


  1. Traci Lavette said...:

    Hey gurl!

    Lemme see...well, I will be looking into my options for my possible move to the ATL! Pretty darn exciting it is. I will keep you posted on that one. Aside from that, I will be going out for some long-overdue drinks, and shooting some pool with the gurls!!! Yes, I will be out and about come Saturday night. How bout you? How is young miss? Is she doing any better?


  1. Hey Trace!!
    Gurl, it sounds like u gone have some fun this weekend!! U know how to shoot pool too??!! I'm hatin' right about now cuz I don't know how to play!! Lol..I have no real plans as of yet...My daughter is doin so much better...the state is talkin' bout lettin her come back home!!

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