Why Won't They Stop??!!

About 2 months ago I made a life changing decision. Many didn't understand my choice, but it really didn't matter. I knew that this was one step I had to take. I decided.....I needed a break from the male species. No, that doesn't mean that I'm gonna start battin' for the same team. I just simply needed a hiatus from all the nonsense that can take place within a relationship between a man and a woman.


Since I've decided to take on this new mission, I must say that my life seems to be runnin' alot smoother. Yet, wouldn't you know that as soon as I decided that I needed breathin' room for a while, guys have been comin' out from everywhere tryin' to get on the good foot. I tell them that I'm really not interested. Let me paint you a picture. Ever have the simple pleasure of tryin' to smash a cockroach? You lift your leg about 10 feet in the air before bringin' down your full weight on these lil' pests and it doesn't even seem to phase them? They may bob and weave like a boxer that just got hit with an uppercut but they still keep it movin'.


Case in point. I'm enjoyin' another entertainin' eposide of Cheaters. I suddenly hear my Moments In Love ringtone. Slightly irritated, I check my id. I don't recognize the number but I answer it anyway. I didn't recognize the voice at first. Turns out, it was one of my old friends from yesteryear. He was wantin' to restablish old connections and ignite old flames. Sorry Dr. Spock. I've since moved on and no longer desire to be involved (intial foot stomp on roach). He sends me a text asking what that means. I told him that he needs to take my number on an expedition and lose it. I don't wish to talk anymore (hittin' the roach with a stiletto since the foot didn't work). He still doesn't understand. Ok. This guy needs to go to the Emerald City, visit the Wizard and ask him for a BRAIN.


I TELL HIM THAT STARING AT PEELING PAINT ON THE WALL IS MORE STIMULATING THAN HOLDING A CONVO WITH HIM ON ANY DAY OF THE WEEK (using bug spray and shoe to kill this thing cuz it JUST WON'T DIE). Finally, I think he gets it. But he hits me back later that night and asks does that mean that he can NEVER call me again??!! I didn't even bother to answer.


Situation number #2. There was a gentleman who kept tryin' to contact me even though I wasnt't feelin' him like that. I thought he had crawled back under a rock and given up. Much to my dismay, I was incorrect. Picture it. I'm takin' a relaxin' drive in my car, listenin' to the oldies when my text message signal rings. Yeah (sigh), it's him. I asked him why he is still tryin' to get in touch with me when I made it very clear that I no longer wanted to talk to him. He said that he just wanted to check on me.


What IS it with these guys? I told him that I don't need him to check on me and I don't wish to talk to him ANYMORE. EVER. AGAIN. He texts me back and says " you know you are really kinda rude." Finally!! I asked him why would he continue to contact someone and they CLEARLY don't want to be bothered?? He said that he didn't know. Wow. These desperados just keep comin'. Will they please leave me the hell alone? Why is it when you tell them that you want to just chill they can't take NO for an answer??


I need YOUR input!!


  1. K. Michel said...:

    Damn, you REALLY don't like these guys... but you CAN'T blame them for trying. Anything worth having in this world is also worth fighting for.

    Plus, I commend your choice to "take a break" for a while. It's healthy to just recharge your batteries for a while and relax.

    --And that "Emerald City" comment was cold. Jeez... thank goodness you kept these guys anonymous. Haha.

    --And the "peeling paint"?? Haha. Remind me to stay on your good side.

  1. @K
    Lol..you are an astute one..you are absolutely correct in that I don't like these guys because their persistence is annoying and not flattering in any way..I'm willin' to bet that you'll always be on my good side just bcuz you're one of a kind..;)

  1. clnmike said...:

    LMAO! I tell you the secret to picking up the opposite sex is to straight up ignore them. It's like attracting moths to a flame.

    But I was pleasantly surprised how "clear" my thought got when i wasnt preoccupied with women.

  1. @Mike
    I'll keep that in mind!! Lol..

  1. Keli said...:

    I feel ya! I've taken a hiatus from time to time myself.

    It's all too easy to get caught up and lose yourself in a relationship that although might not be 'bad', it's not good either.

    It takes a woman that truly loves herself to be able to chunk men the deuce, even if it's only for a minute.

  1. @Keli
    (clappin' my hands) Thank you for understanding why I need to take this much needed cleansing!! Thanks 4 stoppin by!!!

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