Wonder What It Will Be Like?

Normally, I LOVE runnin' my mouth on the phone. Can do it for hours and not grow weary of it. But this mornin' I received a call that shocked me back to reality. It was my daughter's social worker (Sounds so weird sayin' that). She was remindin' me that we will be gettin' together on Friday. No, it's not so that we can go grab a couple of mango magaritas and get blissfully inebriated. This pow wow that she buzzed me about is gonna take place in front of a judge who would rather be anywhere else and a room full of parents who's kids have been snatched up by the long, menancing talons of the State.


Mz. Case Worker told me that the plan is to get my daughter's level of care stabilized so that they can eventually transition her to a foster or group home so that she can be closer to her familia. Great news, huh? I'm thrilled about her progress. But there's somethin' that stays on my mind like a depressin' love song. What happens if history repeats itself once she's well enough to come back home? Will I have to stash all of our carving and steak knives in a secrect place so she won't carve up her own legs or anyone else's body parts?

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If she gets angry(which at some point she will), will she understand how to deal with it in a positive way or will she run away and stay gone for 10-12 hours at a time like before? Will one of the three voices that she heard before come back and seduce her to camp out on our roof again?

Will she confide in me about her murderous musings? Who wants to hear their child tell them that they aspire to be among the ranks of Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer?? Geez. There's a part of me that's scared for her to return. What will it be like? Will we all return back to walkin' on eggshells not knowin what to expect from one minute to the next? Will our home have some semblance of peace? Tranquility? WHAT'S IT GONNA BE LIKE??!!



  1. Juicy Carter said...:

    The pictures you put up along with your posts are so funny where do you find them?

    But on a serious note, one of my best friends was diagnosed with the same thing, she went from being normal (or what most of us may call normal) to one day just snapping and hearing voices, when i found out she was in a mental institution i cried and cried cus i just couldnt believe it because i had just talked to her and everything was fine, it happened out of no where but they put her on medication so now when i talked to her its like she back to her old normal self, you wouldnt even know anything was wrong. so maybe if they give that to your daughter everything will be fine. my bestfriends mom is telling me it wouldnt be a good idea to have her around my kids because she wants to come down and visit, she seems ok now to me. did they mention the medication to you?

  1. Thanks 4 sharin' that story about ur friend..I'm sure that must hve been a real shock 2 u..My daughter was actually on meds when the State removed her..

  1. TRACI LAVETTE said...:

    Hey girl,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this period of waiting and thereafter. I hope it all works out for you and am so sorry that you are having to endure this...it must be really painful and confusing. I hope it all works out and if you need to talk (I'm sure you have a wealth of support), I am here so don't hesitate. I think it was very courageous of you to take the necessary steps to seek help for her when you did because so many of us walk around with misdiagnosed mental issues or issues that have never been noticed.

    Take good care,

  1. clnmike said...:

    Wow, is she taking meds?

  1. Hey Traci.
    Thanks SO much for your uplifting words..I could really use them..sometimes life gets pretty overwhelming..just tryin 2 take it one day at a time..

  1. Mike,
    Yes, she is takin meds..

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