Songs That make Me Shake/Shiver

Flat tops for the fellas. Just about all the ladies were tryin' to cop Halle Berry's short, pixie style cut (includin' myself). Ahh. The 90's. A revolutionary time for fashion as well as for music. Now I'm about to admit somethin' that I'm not real proud about. Sigh. If I had SEEN this twosome before I actually HEARD them, my ears would have been denied a true musical treasure. In other words, I wouldn't have bothered to listen to this song. Shame on me!! It's a beautiful masterpiece that expresses the essence of a man who's spirit and heart have been shattered by someone that he loves immensly. Touching. I guess there are instances when a man can fall hard and deep. Does anyone else remember this song?

Wanna add this to your own collection of personal faves? Easy. Just check out the Boomerang Soundtrack.


  1. ☆Reese✮ said...:

    Oh good Lawd, I LOVE this song! This is so friggin beautiful.
    I'm definitely adding this to my playlist, thank you soooo much!

  1. Lol..glad u enjoyed gurl!!

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