It's So Much Fun Bein' Scared!!

It's just me and my 15 y.o. man child. Sunday evening. As usual, our cable network has provided very little for us to be entertained by. Had a serious case of niggeritis too. Just ate good and didn't feel like goin' 2 the vid store. I'm sure you can relate. But then I realized that as part of our tv goody package, we had movies on demand. Yes!! Time Warner is enabling our need to be lazy and sluggish!


We both decided we wanted a lil' excitement in our lives. As a result of this decision, we chose to watch Friday the 13th. When I was a teeny bopper, me and my chickies use to huddle on the couch together in our jammies and scream till we just about broke the sound barrier watchin' Jason chop and shred unsuspectin' folks to smithereens. Ah. Those were the days. My boy and I decided to set the mood and watch it at night. Big mistake.

Now, I'm gone keep it really real. I wasn't scared. I thought that the story line was lame and TOTALLY unbelievable. I mean, since when does Mr. Vorhees start his slicin' spree durin' the day??!! But there are the same similarities from other horror flicks. Horny teens copulatin' like rabbits in the middle of the woods. Dizzy broads runnin' for they lives duckin' and dodgin' Jason in between them trees only to trip on invisible sticks and branches.


My son however was TOTALLY spooked. Whenever he heard any kind of sound, his head would immediately twist to the back like the demon possessed chick from The Exorcist. By the time the show was over, I had to ask him if he wanted to camp out in my room that night. He slowly declined. But just for good measure, I left the dining room light on downstairs. Ya know. Just in case. Hey, ya never know. But for serious though. My boy Jason has been at this for a lil' over 16 years. I think it's 'bout time that somebody merks this dude PERMANENTLY. Give some other vengeful serial killer a chance to reek havoc, ya know?


  1. Juicy Carter said...:

    lol..i cant wait til my boys get older so we can have movie nights...there are only so many disney movies i can take... but i never got into the jason movies...i think ive seen one out of the 10 or however many still tryin to figure out how he drowned and why he decided to start killin people.

  1. Gurlllll, I FEEL you 'bout dem Disney movies!! Lol..and don't forget that dizam Disney Channel!!
    Jason ended up drownin' cuz he ended up in the lake somehow and then this chick who had psycho kinetic powers brought him back to life!! This dude will NOT die!!

  1. Juicy Carter said...:

    so who pissed him off to the point where he has to kill ppl? lol

    oh, and where are you from? you dont have anything under your about

  1.'s what went down..when Jay Jay was a boy he was at camp one summer. The camp counselors were gettin' it on and they ley Jason drown. His mama went off and started hackin' up everyone in the camp. At the end, on eof the gurls endin' up beheadin' the mom. Every since then, Jason be goin off on ANYONE who steps foot on those camp grounds!! I'm originally from Delaware but I now reside in the Lone Star State. What about you?

  1. Juicy Carter said...:

    oh ok, damn thats crazy! I live in birmingham, AL but Im from Seattle, WA, I moved here for my boyfriend but i cant wait til we move out of here

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