Could This Have POSSIBLY Been Avoided?

Chilling. Macabre. Downright FRIGHTENING. This is the stuff that horror movies are made of. Gruesomely enough, this appalling abomination is very much the real thing. There are no overpaid actors or actresses listed on the marquee. The presence of an elaborate movie set is missing in action. Instead, what we find is this small but modest home:


I would like to cordially invite you to the House of Horrors. A woman brutalized and murdered her 3 week old son in this very residence. From what I have read, the crime scene was so ghastly and terrifying, that law enforcement couldn't find the words to SPEAK to one another. I mean, this was the kind of setting that would make a fully grown man drop to his knees, raise his hands heavenward and ask "why?"


I've decided to skip rehashing the hideous step by step details of this horrific homicide. The question that invades my thinking space is this. Could this scenario have been prevented? According to news reports,the mom of this slain newborn was suffering with schizophrenia. Her family said they were concerned because she hadn't been taking her meds as instructed.


It seems as though there were warning signs leading up to Ms. Sanchez's psychotic break. I'm not sure if people close to her just ignored the handwriting on the wall or they just genuinely didn't see it. Personally this is another newsworthy saga that has hit home with the force of 10 tractor trailers.


For those of you who don't know, I have a beautiful daughter who battles something very similiar. Back in Oct of 2007, she experienced an episode of severe madness and mania. I've never seen my little girl so violent and out of control. She did things that day that we didn't think were possible. We couldn't contain her.My local police department had to provide us with their assistance. My mom and my 3 y.o. daughter were almost MURDERED that very day.


Fortunately, my Heavenly Father spared our lives. But ya wanna know what REALLY stays on my mind? Exactly one week before this eerie incident took place, I told my daughter's therapist that her moods were becoming significantly darker and darker day by day. Her poems often spoke of death and destruction.Voices were plaguing her consistently. She had an obscene fascination with serial killers and replied that she aspired someday to be one herself. I BEGGED him to help us. I didn't know what else to do. Here was his repsonse. "Try to keep her and her 13 y.o. brother apart and maybe that might make things better for her."


Maybe I'm wrong for thinking this way. However, it is my honest and humblest opinion that if her counselor had taken my pleas for help more seriously, perhaps my family could have been spared that hellish ordeal. Could there have been a different ending for Ms. Sanchez and her loved ones if only someone had stood up and taken action? Would her little one still be alive and well?


  1. Traci Lavette said...:

    Hey girl,

    I'm so sorry that you had to endure this type of trauma. What brought this on...or do you have any idea? It is so heartbreaking to know that she is suffering. You know I will keep you in my thoughts AND prayers and hope that God will deliver a solution for your baby. That day had to be most terrifying for you and the family. Your question of: "Could this have possibly been avoided?" I think "yes" with the love of strong people around and doctors that should be paying more attention to the cries for help. Your therapist's solution of keeping her from her brother is seriously retarded! There is no other way to put that! So is he saying that your son's presence brings about a violent streak in her? Sounds like somebody taking a guess to me. If you ever need to talk, you know where to find me. Tell your baby that she has people praying for her.


  1. @Traci
    Thanks're always so supportive..

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