For Old Time's Sake..

Confession #42. I was never a fan of house music. First got exposed to it when I was in college. Whenever the DJ would switch from hip hop to house, the DC/Marylandites would totally SWARM the dance floor and tear it up. For some reason unbeknowest to me, I could never really get into it that way. Yet this one track I would blast from the close quarters of my dorm room to the confines of my car. I still rock it like it just hit the airwaves last week.
Challenge:Betcha' can't sit still when you hear it.


  1. Juicy Carter said...:

    lmao i remember this song and i cant even lie, i was dancin at the computer lol

  1. ☆Reese✮ said...:

    This song is too good, I still play this on my ipod at least once a week! Ooh weee

  1. @Juicy
    See? I told you!! Lol..

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