Talented Man/Troubled Soul

"What's R&B without the R?" Robert Sylvester Kelly. He breezed into the world of R&B and turned it UPSIDE DOWN. When he first hit the music scene, I was in my freshman year of college. Yes sir. Him and his croonies (Public Announcement) singin' bout that "Honey Love." Man, the DJ's used to rock this one at our weekend parties. If you just happened to be gettin' your slow drag on with a lil' cutie, it would be in your best interest not to back up into those walls because they would be so, so SWEATY.


The group didn't make him who he was though.Obviously, the man was an amazing talent who could definitely hold his own. I think it was a fantastic strategic move for him to pursue a solo career. He took chances with his music and I admire him for that. Unlike most, he colored OUTSIDE of the lines. His music done his way. Yet, I have to admit. Some of his songs were just way beyond my scope of understanding. For instance:

Sorry fellas. But if a man told me that I reminded him of some type of automobile, I can't say that I would be overly impressed. Yet his musical strengths weren't just heard on his own cd's. He reached out and touched others. As a result, these other artists may have had a one hit wonder or two:

Sparkle (She can't stand him no more..*smh)

We definitely can't forget about Nivea croonin' bout takin' Kellz to the "Laundromat."


How 'bout JS? (Wonder what ever happened to them?)

Rob was on top of the game. I mean, his 12 Play cd went platinum 6 times. I could see why though. There were some songs on there that will forever be immortalized. Seems Like You're Ready is the one that stands out most in my mind. Thanks to that song, me and my ex practiced makin' babies on as many occasions as we could. Lol. But I'm sure I'm not the only one. About three kids later, he dropped TP2.com. What an impact!! In my humblest opinion, this was by far the hottest cd he EVER compiled. The first song TP2 was a brilliant 2 minute musical prelude as to what Kellz had in store for his listeners (This was actually one of my faves).

SEXY Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh, how the mighty can fall. HARD. Sigh. 'Bout two years after the birth of this masterpiece, someone leaked that infamous sex vid to the Chicago Sun-Times and it was on and poppin from there. Mr. Kelly vehemently proclaimed his innocence. The teen porn star and her fam also actin' like they had Alzheimer's and amnesia. Hollerin' bout it's not their daughter in that homemade skin flick.


I never was able to view this X rated movie. Not sure that I really wanted to. Yet, like the rest of the public eye, I formed my own opinion. Rob had a thing for young meat. No secret there. He met the beautiful R&B songtress Aaliyah when she was just a tender 12 y.o. Some three years later they were wed on the hush hush (there was a marriage certificate that was later produced).


After everything that has gone down, I still find myself drawn to his music. I gotta say though. I'm not proud of that fact. Will he forever be crowned the King Of R&B? I guess that depends on who you ask. Me? Well, I might not see him as king, but he definitely holds a seat in the high courts.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Let me first say that I love how you lay out your posts; each tells a story through pictures and words-it's really creative.

    Well on to R. I was never a big fan of his music though he had a few songs that I did get into. Overall I wish the guy was serving time in prison for having sex with that underage girl, but that's just me.

  1. @News
    Thanks for the compliment!! Glad ur enjoyin...I agree with you..I don't think R should hve gotten away with it but it was very likely that he would anyway...I felt like he wouldn't do any time behind that...and he didn't..sad..

  1. Juicy Carter said...:

    I love his music and I kind of seperate the music from the person because im a huge music fan and everything he touches, i seem to love. as for JS, one of them is the wife of ron isley, the wedding pic is floatin around the net somewhere. they got married a couple years before he had went to jail. not a cute couple at all lol

  1. @Juicy
    Ewwwww!!! R u serious??!! One of those girls married RON ISLEY??!! Well, I guess like he figured it was payback since he jump started their career..(gagging sounds bein' made)...

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