I have a confession to make(deep sigh). I'm not a football fan. Never have been and probably never will be. Yet when the untimely murder of this gentleman occurred:


It made me sit up and take notice. I mean, this was a story that you just couldn't run away from. It had intrigue, deception, lust and murder all rolled up into one drama filled enchillada. Even though I barely know the difference between a blitz and a first down, I still was saddened by the death of this retired NFL player affectionately known as "Air McNair."


I'm not here to quote and recite his impressive stats from his days gone by in the National Football League. I'm not here to wag my finger and shake my head about the fact that he was messin' around on the missus. Sorry. It's not my place to be his judge. Instead I would like to look at this from another angle. What might that be you ask? Simple. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU INVOLVE YOURSELF WITH.

Sahel Kazemi

Tragically,this was the young lady who decided to play God with Steve's life and than her own. I can safely say that I'm just about sure that he thought she would never do something so drastic and so PERMANENT. This saga of romance- turned -wrong put me in the frame of my own personal debaucle. You see, I'm currently married. Happily? No. In fact my hubby and I are beatin' down the door of divorce court.


My soon to be ex was very abusive. Verbally. Physically. He tried to renact WWF Smackdown by body slamming me when I was about 5 months pregnant. He then told me that if he EVER caught me cheating on him, that he would slice and dice my body parts up and feed them to a dog(wonder which dog he was talkin' bout' cuz we didn't have one). Real nice guy. I mean, being digested in the dark caverns of a canine's belly is probably what most women aspire to, right? All sarcasm and jokin' aside though, my soon-to-be-ex was quite a DANGEROUS man.


However, if I were to keep it real with myself (and you) most if not all of those painful scenarios could have been avoided. I mean, he didn't morph from upstanding guy to crazed woman beater all in in a couple of days. The signs were all there RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING. I just choose to overlook them. Rationalize them away. Please hear me. Don't walk around with your eyes wide shut. Learn how to listen to that lil' annoyin' voice in your noggin that just won't seem to shut up. Warnin' you that there's somethin' just not right about this beautiful yet insecure woman or man that you're datin'. This small voice is called INTUITION.

STOP. LOOK. PAY ATTENTION. The life you save may be your own.
Sorrowfully, it's too late for him:


Gratefully, you and I still have the opportunity to make sound decisions that will be beneficial and helpful to us as well as those we love. Wish I could say the same for Mrs. McNair and the rest of their fam.



  1. ajgallion said...:

    I am sorry to hear about your soon-to-be-ex...While I have never experienced physical abuse, many women -- including me -- have endured emotional and verbal mistreatment. Continue to climb higher and to share your wisdom.

  1. @aj
    Thanks for the encouragement!! Thanks for stoppin' by!!

  1. Thanks for sharing your story. Your perspective is one that should be shared to others that may not see the tell-tale signs of a downward spiral. And as much as I've turned my head to this story, it now resonates within me. Thanks for sharing a piece of your heart. I am so glad that you have the courage to move on from that relationship.

  1. @Manchild
    Wow. You're welcome. I often feel like writing about my experiences is often cathartic. If my personal stories are able to help someone, that just makes it even more worthwhile..

  1. What you wrote here today was truth...pure and simple. It was inspiring and uplifting.

    Thanks for sharing your personal story.

  1. @Tee
    Thanks!! I'm glad you found it to be positive...

  1. Traci Lavette said...:

    So much to think about, girl. I appreciate that you wrote about it and was so candid with your own story. I thank God that you bravely made it out of that situation because you (and no other woman, for that matter) are/were way better than that.

    This situation with Steve McNair was so unfortunate (as I sit here watching Snapped). Lots of people were hurt by that tale of deception. He lost his life, her family lost her, his wife and children will have that as their last memory of him...how awful.

    One more thing...you find such creative ways to tell your stories, girl. And the pictures! And Mr. Bush over to the side...need I say more :-)


  1. @Traci
    Your comments are always so eloquently done..you're always SO complimentary and I thank you for that..I'm glad that you enjoy the way in which I tell the sories..my goal is to keep y'all interested and wantin' to keep comin' back for more!!

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