For Old Time's Sake..

It's Sunday!! Time for reminiscin' to some old jamz from back in the day.
I really feel this song but she kinda turned out to be a one hit wonder. Sigh.
That's alright, cuz I still rock to it!!


  1. ☆Reese✮ said...:

    Ah, I miss hearing this on the radio! I faux-bellydanced to this ALL the time lol

  1. (vixenchick) said...:

    damn i still love that song!



  1. @Reese
    I still do try to belly dance when I hear I look a HOTT MESS tryin to do that dance!! Lol..

  1. @Vixen
    It will always be one of my fav songs...

  1. Juicy Carter said...:

    I love this song lol damn where is she?

  1. @Juicy
    I know, right?? This is my cut!!

  1. im S0ooo0o0o0o0o signing up for belly dancing classes!!!

    Kiyyah of *AF*

  1. @Kiyyah
    Lol..oh gurl, when u do you MUST blog about it!!

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