I'm 'Bout To Throw Dem Bows!!

;">What in the name of blue flamingos has gotten into my son?!! He is becomin' a walkin teenage NIGHTMARE!! Sick of the fact that he's lazy and unmotivated. Tired of him treatin' his younger siblings like he is the Don Godfather and they are his ring-kissin' groupies. 'Scuse me but I need to take a cleansin' breath 'fore I start runnin' 'round with some scissors (inhalin deeply). I know that bein' a teen comes with some serious challenges. I was there once. So, I try to be sensitive to him and his adolescent needs. But I'm afraid he's takin' my kindness for weakness.

Lately, its been like the Battle of Bunker Hill in my crib. I ask him to clean his bathroom. Sometimes he sits there like I'm speakin' in some type of Arabic dialect and he needs a translator. Other times he's sighin' and takin' such deep breaths that it sounds like he's 'bout to go into cardiac arrest. Last week he almost made me late for my court mandated therapy session which is CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT all because he said that he just didn't feel like goin'.
Boy, I'm tellin' you it was 'bout to be on and poppin up in here!!


Recently, he and I had reached an impasse. He had been puttin' hands to my 4 y.o. daughter. Now that's bad, ain't it? But what really made me mad enough to kick rocks is because his lil' sis CAN'T TALK. Damn, the girl is amazingly autistic for heaven's sake. Her skin is very fair so all her bruises were right there on display for the world to see. To turn a novel into a short story, I told him that he would have to go to mandatory counseling or I would have to call Child Protective Services. He told me to do what I had to cuz he wasn't talkin' to no therapist and I couldn't prove that he had been slappin' his sister around.


Well, it doesn't take a mathematical genius to figure out my next move. CPS was called and they showed up with our local boys in blue. The police officer told me that even though CPS wasn't goin' to take any action, he said that I could press charges and it would be considered a felony. Didn't want to have to do it, but my son was unapologetic and surprisingly cocky. I couldn't have him terrorizin' my baby gurl, now could I? I put my John Hancock on those papers and wouldn't you know it?? My 15. y.o. Mr. Mouth All Mighty himself had a sudden change of heart. He's in counselin' now. But he's back to his old ways. Not movin' when I tell him to do something. Distressingly disrespectful with his mouth and his actions. Here's my message to him:



  1. Melanie! said...:

    LOL! I hope everything gets better!!

  1. ☆Reese✮ said...:

    I'm praying everything goes well for you, and just know...I got bail money stashed. You know, just in case ;)

    Keep your chin up mama, don't shank em!

  1. @Mel
    I'm sure it will but for now..smh**

  1. @Reese
    Man, u my homegurl 4 real!! Make sure u keep that bail $ cuz I got a feelin' I'm gone need it sooner rather than later!!

  1. Wow girly. That's tough. Teenagers are a handfull.

  1. @Tee
    Yes, they are a handful and very expensive!!

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