This Guy Really Surprised Me!!

Confession#65- I lOVE reading. Could spend hours and hours in Barnes & Nobles or my local library. One day I was browsing through the card catalog looking for a fresh new author. I put in the subject of "African American fiction" and the search kept returning James Patterson. I thought "James is of the Caucasiuan persuasion. Why does his name keep poppin' up?"


I finally decided to investigate. I just knew that the library had made a serious error. Low and behold, I picked up a book called Cross. The main charcter of this literary treasure is Alex Cross who is an African American psychologist/law enforcement agent who solves grisly murders in the DC Metro area. The killings are typically committed by some type of psychotic killer who leads Alex on a cat and mouse game throughout the story. I couldn't put this book down. It gripped me from the prelude and kept me suspended to the very end.


Patterson actually created a series of Cross novels for the readers's enjoyment. Some of his work has actually made it to the big screen. The most memorable one for me was Kiss The Girls. If you like suspense/thrillers, than you should grab some popcorn and a cold drink and check this one out. Arguably speaking, it can't compare to actually reading the book though.


This is another engaging series about 4 kick butt-and take names later-professional woman who solve the city of San Fran's murder cases. These four ladies ain't no joke!! One is a cop. Another is a medical examiner. The third is a journalist. Lastly, there is an attorney who is added into the mix. These women are referred to as the Women's Murder Club. Each novel in this particular series is numbered like the above sample. If you're not much of reader, it's cool cuz James set up each chapter to be only about 4-6 pages in length.


If you're a serial reader (like me) or this would be a brand new undertaking for you, I encourage you to explore Mr. Patterson's books. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.


  1. ~Jewel said...:

    patterson is one of my absolute favorite authors. i have quite a few of his novels. You can have them, if you like. Just send me your address and I'll get them out this weekend...

  1. @Jewel
    Aww..thanks but I've read most of them already..I'm a fan of his 2..just finished reading the 8th Confession.

  1. Traci Lavette said...:

    Girl! You better STOP playing!!! That is one of my favorite authors. The first one I read was "Kiss the Girls" and read it on a flight to Vermont. Finished the whole book before I landed. I tend to lean more toward the ones that are Cross novels than the ones that he co-authors...also the Women's Murder Club ones are good too! Talking too much, huh? LOL!

    Talk to you later, girl.


  1. @Traci
    OMG!! What a coincidence!! Glad to know that he seems to have a growin' base of African American readers..and no, gurl, ur not talkin' 2 much so stop!! Lol..

  1. Juicy Carter said...:

    hmm, I love the movie kiss the girls, i actually own it. im gonna have to check out his books though

  1. @Juicy
    You should check them out sometime..I think you'll enjoy them..

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