Evie-E's Evolution

I can remember when I first saw Eve. My initial thoughts were "butchy and hard." In my eyes, she was a sterotypical female rap artist who could cuss a dude under the table and found pleasure in dissin' other female counterparts. I gotta come real though. I was never a big hip hop/rap fan to begin with. I mean, I liked some of it, but I wasn't like a hard core groupie who could flow all the lyrics and kept my tv tuned to Rap City. Yet when I heard her speakin' on Love Is Blind it caused me to sit up and take notice.


I can't say that I felt like her lyrical flow was overly wicked or anything. I just was feelin' the subject matter in which she was rappin' about. Powerful and well spoken.


Fast forward a couple of years. I was flippin' through channels and this one particular vid caught my eye. I saw Eve perched up on a bike with the rest of the Ruff Ryders crew tryin' to get Gwen Steffani to take a ride with them. The video had me crackin' up so hard I though I would break a rib. The thing that I really took notice of was her appearance. She looked like..a woman. She was lettin' her hair grow out and had dyed it a fire engine red. Personally, I would never take such a bold step concerning my fashion. But I thought she wore it well.


One day I'm in my room and I hear this funky blend of tambourines and drums and this man hollerin' bout bein' Swizz Beats. I followed the sound and my daughter was watchin' the vid and shakin' her rump like she was gettin' paid to do it. Rightfully so. How anyone can sit still when they hear this one is beyond me. I had to do a double take cuz her voice was undeniable. However, when I saw HER I had a jaw droppin' moment. Honey, Eve had done a 360!! Now, she looked COMPLETELY feminine. I was impressed. She had toned down her makeup. Was wearin' heels and everythang. She looked fab. Keep doin' you gurl.

Wanna watch Eve shake her "Tambourine?" Swizz hooked her up on this joint. Wouldn't you agree?


  1. yes!!! Eve def made a drastic change..and its a good look! She went from a "pitbull in a skirt" as she dubbed herself..and now she's just a lady. :) GO EVE!

    -Kelly of *AF*

    ps: love that song and vid!

  1. @Kelly
    I love the vid 2!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Eve's tranformation has been well-received and was executed perfectly. To come out as a hardcore female rapper and then become a successful actress and entreprenuer is not something that can always be pulled off successfully, but Eve did it and I have much respect for her.

    She obviously had a plan for her future and when the opportunity was presented to her, she harnessed it and made it her own. It seems as if she has obviously exceeded her goals in spades.

  1. @News
    I agree.She has done a phenomenal job with the changes she has made.

  1. Traci Lavette said...:

    Watching Eve evolve has been something, hasn't it? Watching her develop before our eyes was something else because you could literally see her coming into her own - on her own terms. Definitely something to be proud of when a woman can be that bold.

  1. @Traci
    Yes, it has been something. I'm proud of her. She's come a long way and she looks NICE.

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