Guy Groups Gone AWOL...

Don't ask me why. But I really enjoy listenin' to male groups sing. Something about the way they harmonizie and romance woman with their sexy, soft spoken lyrics puts me into maximum overdrive (sounds of engine racing).I'm a "back in the day" type female when it comes to music. I like some of the new artists and groups. Yet the new stuff just doesn't move me in the same way. I prefer the old sounds. The music from days gone by.
These guys:


started my official guy group revolution. I remember when this cd hit the airwaves:

jodeci Pictures, Images and Photos

Man, Forever My Lady was my anthem. Not too long before this song dropped, I had my beautiful baby girl. What timing!! I was hoping and praying that her dad would dedicate these lyrics to me. Ya know, make it real romantic like. True to his fashion, he never did.What a creep-a-zoid. I think I'm still scarred behind that(sniffling).

This however, was the piece' de re'sistance:

jodeci Pictures, Images and Photos

I had the WHOLE CD on constant repeat. I mean, it was just that good.
Would cry for youuuu toniiight..
Oh, don't try to act like you don't know!!

Now these fellas here:


These guys could REALLY blow. Their front guy Sisqo (Mr. Thong Song himself) was a bit flamboyant, but he did an outstanding job tying their sound together. To me, the music community has suffered a great loss by not havin' these guys spittin' out hit after hit anymore.
Talk about bringin' back memories (shakin' my head)...My soon to be ex hubby played this particular one the night we first started talkin'..even though I now wish that he would go bungee jump off the Brooklyn Bridge without a bungee cord, this song still holds monumental significance:

My main men representin' it too:


Sensually seductive. Just more reason for me to jump on this guy group bandwagon. Promise and He Can't Love U were two of my all time faves.I was too cheap 2 actually buy the cd's, so I would just either wait for them to come on the radio or mooch it off my friends. Some fan, huh??

I love all y'all. I solemnly pinky swear that your songs will remain forever on repeat while in my car, kitchen, or bedroom. Especially the bedroom.

Sidebar:If I slept in this bed every night, I would SO not want to get out of it!!


  1. I'm a HUGE Jodeci fan! Dru Hill and Jagged Edge are good too, but you gotta give it up to the ones who started the whole bad boy, r&b group thing.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I’m the same way, there’s nothing like the sound of a man’s soulful voice. And what do we have now? DAY 26. Don’t get me wrong, I think the guys are all very talented, I’m just not fond there song choice. Are there any other male groups out now?

  1. @Little
    Jodeci will always hold top spot 4 me...

  1. @Conni3
    Gurl, IDK if there are any more guy groups out now. That just goes to show you that I'm still stuck in the music of yesteryear!!

  1. ajgallion said...: did not bring out the JODECI. Those were the good old days, for sure! Toni Tony Tone... A little After 7, LOL. These days, guy groups -- eh -- more like Boy Bands and I can't say they've done much for me.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    When you think about it, all of the groups are in rock, metal, alternative, and contemporary rock music. That's crazy to think that there are no more great black groups out there right now.

    ...stop by and see me *smile*

  1. @aj
    Gurllll, those groups were the best!! I miss them ALL!!

  1. @News
    It IS crazy...and disappointing

  1. Traci Lavette said...:

    Okay! Stop playin!!! What you know about Jagged Edge???? You said: "don't ask me why, but..." I would NOT be the one asking "why" because that is me to a capital T! Let's see, Mint Condition! Day 26! Troop (overslept on!), Confunkshun! Guy! LSG! Girl, it's all I have on my IPOD - all I listen to. I'm about to go put my ear buds in so I'll talk to you later. See what you did!

  1. @Traci
    Gurl, you are the TRUTH!!Don't forget about Silk!!

  1. Traci Lavette said...:

    I know, right?! Can't forget about them!

  1. omg i am making a playlist right now!! lolll!!!

    Kiyyah of *AF*

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