Songs That Make Me Shake/Shiver

Ever had a man or woman that made you almost completely lose yourself? Crusin' by they crib late at night to see if there is some unfamiliar car parked in the driveway? Ditchin' your friends and fam cuz he or she called at the last minuto to say that they wanted to see you as soon as possible? I'm not proud to admit it, but..yes. This has happened to me. More than once. I have made myself look like a dizam donkey all in the name of some man who was so, so undeserving. Ashanti is feelin' me. That's why she's singin' this song. She can't believe that some man has her actin' like her momma raised a fool. If this is you, don't fight it. Just throw yo' hands up and rock wit' it.

This can be found on her cd: Chapter II.


  1. omgggg yes!! i was just listening to that song today!!! that situation has happened to me but i try not to ditch ppl for a man lol!!

    Kiyyah of *AF* girls

  1. Hey Kiyyah! Where u been gurl?

  1. heyyyyy lol i kno i have been a little mia!!! butttttt IMMMM BACKKKKKK!!!! lol

    kiyyah of *AF*

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