Am I Dreamin'?

The life that I have so carelessly, yet carefully built is about to be revamped. Reconstructed. I'm feelin'....REVITALIZED. RECHARGED.RENEWED. Never thought, dreamed, imagined...that at this stage of my existence that I could begin all over again. Whoa! I am beyond ecstatic. Over the moon and beyond the Milky Way would be more of an accurate description. Lol. 

Yet...I'm also afraid, nervous. Facing the unknown can be a very scary and sobering experience. Believe me. It's not one that I am taking lightly.Yes suh. Life as I once knew it will cease to exist. There will be differences. Changes that I plan and some that will be out of my control. I've asked myself a thousand times (or even more) if I'm ready for this. Let's just be real. I'll never have all the answers. However, I've been presented with a new opportunity to take my life by the horns. This time I plan on makin' more responsible choices so that the important people of my life don't have to endure the harsh consequences of my own selfish actions. On the other hand, I also plan on smellin' the Texas bluebonnets, swimmin' the blue and sparklin' waters of the Pacific, flyin' the friendly skies to fun and friendly destinations  and just enjoyin' bein' with my family. Most importantly, I am gonna have a ball bein' just who God created me to be. ME.


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