What's Up With Morgan Freakman? I mean Freeman?


I was doing about a buck 50 down the internet superhighway. Feeling a little worn out, I decided to take a much needed pit stop at a blacktainment website. I was starving for a steaming, heaping plate of celebrity he said she said. The first headline I saw made my eyeballs bleed and my brain call earl. Nah. It wasn't about Lil Wayne and his car load of concubines. Sorry.But that saga really wasn't jaw dropping to me. What I saw was much more heinous. Disappointing. Disheartening. This headline screamed and hollered from the rooftop that Morgan Freeman was allegedly accused of banging the back out of his step granddaughter. SMH.


According to the gossip trail, Mr. Freakman (sorry, Mr. Freeman) and his now ex spouse had a relationship where they could get they freak on with different playmates. (They know they mamas wouldn't have stood for that bull ish!!) Apparently, his step granddaughter had called the former Mrs. and poured out her guts about what was going down behind closed doors. She allegedly reports that she had given Morgan some sexy pics of her hoping that would get his libido down to an acceptable level. Supposedly, this wasnt enough for Sir Freakiness. According to an insider, he's been fornicating with this chica since she was in her teens.


I'm trying hard not to jump to conclusions. I mean, it could just be a bowl of shocking untruths stirred up by the public's need for a juicy drama full of lust and intrigue. But, I actually admired this dude. From the days that he costarred in the 70's show the Electric Company to his Oscar studded performance in Million Dollar Baby (which really wasnt all that hot to me), he seemed to keep his nose free of scandalous debris for all these years up until just recently. I'm saying though. If this IS true, why did it have to be her? The man is a Hollywood Don. Even though his looks are somewhat overly ethnic, I'm sure he still could have had his share of women based on his name and fame alone. Not to mention the fact that Morgan is 7 decades old with a 2 piece on the side!! In the name of catfish and grits...his STEP GRANDDAUGHTER??


  1. Miss Wilson said...:

    .. I'm hoping this isn't true. If it is.. WOW. I love the way you talk "In the name of catfish and grits," haha

  1. Lol..thanks Miss W!! I'm hoping this is just part of the rumor mill..but if it isn't, he know he is a nasty scalleywag!!

  1. RocNaija said...:

    Damn!! F'real??

    **Off to TMZ**

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