Congratulate Me!! I'm A Daddy!!

Nah, it's not a misprint. No you guys, I didn't go to the far regions of Brazil so that I could anonymously have my gender changed and rearranged. That's right. I am a lady. An empress. A force to be reckoned with. A fiercely fabulous femme fatale. More importantly, this tigress plays an essential dual role in the lives of her four cubs. By my own standards, I sometimes resent that fact. I mean, how is it possible for ME to be some body's Papa? I'm not a man and nor do I want to be. A mom and dad are clearly supposed to play different roles in this production that we call PARENTHOOD. Yet by default, my 2 men-in-training are depending on me to school them on what it takes to have testicles and an over abundant amount of testerone.
I swear on my Aunt Juanita's wig piece that I didn't sign up for this. Now, don't go calling Child Protective Services trying to sling accusations that I'm an unfit parent. It's not like that. Listen y'all. Being a mamacita has been a phenomenal journey of sorts. My Creator has bestowed on me 4 irreplaceable gifts in which I could never repay Him for. BUT, on the black hand side though, this passage through parenthood has been OVERWHELMING at times. My teen queen is so severely schizo affective that the state has had to remove her from our residence.My youngest angel is autistic and has no speech. My 15 y.o. Prince Charming is cantankerous and struggles with an addiction to porn. Damn. Can a sista catch a break? I know you must have asked yourself this a milli times, right? WHERE IS THEY DADDY AT? Lol. Well, he has decided to chuck my babies the peace sign and take the scenic route out of their lil lives. Sigh. Taking on the part of a father implies masculinity and I represent femininity to the core. I do not aspire to be something that I was not CREATED to be. Yet, here I am am like so many other single mami's who have to wear not only the apron but the jock strap as well. (Bowing my head in a moment of silence).

I would like to present to you the most important fixtures in my existence:


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