Rih Rih vs. Breezy: Round 1


Today is it!! Chris "Bam-Bam" Brown is going up against his most intimidating contentender to date. At around 1:45 P.M.(Pacific Time) the bell will ring and Rihanna will more than likely come out swinging through her own testimony. Or will she? Is she going to tell the whole truth and nothing but? It has been reported through other gossip informants that C Breezy has his own hot and spicy twist to this media melodrama. Allegedly, there were photos of him taken after the scuffle that weren't made available to the press. According to his camp, Rih Rih got in a few good licks of her own. Things that make you say hmm.


I found some footage that was taken right before it was on and poppin. Take a peep y'all.

The judge knows that there will be a media feeding frenzy if he allows tv or livestream coverage in the courtroom. As a result, he has prohibted this. This arbitrator of justice is SO on my ish list!! Nosey peeps like me want to see!!!


  1. a.r.v.y said...:

    Oh goodness! what a mess

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    hey hunn just stopping by showing your blog some love...very interesting we love it... : )


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