Songs That Make Me Shiver/Shake

I thought that I would add a lil flavor to this mix. Rather than drone on and on about the interesting twists and turns on the highway of my life, I thought we might take a...detour if you will. Music. Music is the connection that keeps me electrified. It helps keep me balanced when everything around me is uneven. It's my safe haven. Music..ok..never mind you get the idea. Lol. Every week I will share with you some tunes that just move me in a way that leaves me bankrupt for the proper words. Do me a solid though. PLEASE don't look at the title on the vid and decide that you automatically don't like it because you haven't heard of the song or because you don't like that particular artist. Open yourself up. Get ready to receive. You never know. One of these acoustic masterpieces might end up being your wedding song. Hey! It could end up serenading you and your special one while yall are busting suds in the kitchen or sweating something fierce in the sheets. Hang on and enjoy!!!

This week's pick is....

I have to give it straight Henney with no coke. This wasn't one of my all time fav flicks. But I gotta give to my girl. She rocked this song from the bottom of her soul to the crown of that hot -and spicy-mess - of a wig she's wearing. Tell Jay how you feel Bey.


  1. K. Michel said...:

    Yeah, it's a fly cover, Miss Orgasmic.

    It's a shame that B and Etta didn't get along during Obama's inauguration, though. Everybody can't like everybody.

  1. Truth b told, I think that Etta was experiencing a lil of that green eyed monster.

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