What REALLY Happened in Mike's House??

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The world is still reeling from Jacko's untimely demise. So many questions. I mean, what's the deal? How? Why? Intial reports indicate cardiac arrest. But what brought THAT on?
According to an online news source, MJ's attorney Brian Oxman is saying that perscription drugs are what caused his heart to give out. Senor Oxman relayed that he had warned Mr. Jackson about this in the past. People from Mike's camp are sayin that he was taking Xanax, Zoloft, AND Demerol, which is a painkiller. Could this lethal cocktail have caused the death in our beloved Thriller icon?

michael jackson Pictures, Images and Photos
It is also being told that Michael had a live in doctor who has now gone MIA. The word is that he allegedly gave Mike an injection shortly before his collapse. His autopsy is scheduled for today. Hopefully, this will provide his family and his fans with the facts of what REALLY occurred.

Michael Jackson Pictures, Images and Photos


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