What in the world? I didn't know that Jill and her fiancee Jon Roberts were now HISTORY??!! Say it isn't so!! Sigh. First her divorce from Lyzel and now this. I was really holding out high hopes for this relationship. Especially since she just had her love child back in the spring. She seems to be maitaining well. Keep walking tall Jill.

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  1. Hey, Cerebrally Orgasmic. Thanks for following Don't Be a Slut. I've been checking out your blog and laughing hysterically. You have a great sense of humor. I'm following you now, too.

  1. I just heard that today too! I am totally shocked.

  1. Hey Ms Don't Be..
    Thanks 4 stoppin by and becomin a follower!! Means alot to me!! I'm glad that you're enjoyin what you've been seeing..Please keep comin back!!
    I was SO hurt for Jill..I know she was disappointed..

  1. Juicy Carter said...:

    i posted this on my blog too...its sad, she is so pretty and just doesnt have luck with love apparently

  1. @Juicy
    It IS sad..such a phenom talent and pretty as a pic..seems like she has a great personality..I just don't get it...

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