Songs That make Me Shiver/Shake

Jill Scott. Talented.Versatile. Classy.Sista gurl. She's the epitome of what I want to be when I grow up. Her fusion style I can only describe as fried neo soul with a creamy side helping of jazz with a nice refreshing glass of spoken word. Mmmmmmhmmm. This week's musical score that makes my knees shake and quiver like cafeteria jello is ....(drum roll)..


CROWN ROYAL included on her cd entitled Jill Scott: The Real Thing Words And Sounds Vol. 3

Someone told me that this intoxicant goes down real smooth like. Let's just say that the person that told me this little white lie is no longer in my circle. That liquid mind altering substance burned my chest cavity so bad that I spewed up FIRE AND BRIMSTONE. Smokey The Bear had to come and pay me a visit (hanging my head in shame)

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  1. K. Michel said...:


    You probably drank too much at one time, Miss Orgasmic.

  1. Lol...I drank 2 much PERIOD..

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