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Disclaimer:What you are about to read is the REAL DEAL. If you can't appreciate raw honesty and truth, then perhaps this particular post just isn't for you. Come back and visit again. But for those who can appreciate a lil Henney with no coke, then I think you may be in the right place. Welcome.
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I'm tired of hearing about it. Every major news channel and even those in between, have been buzzing about it. The passing of a legend. Another musical icon is about to be laid to rest. Michael Joseph Jackson. There was never one like him and nor will there EVER be. But chew on this for a sec. Where were his REAL fans when he was still walking around among the living? When he was being accused of being a perverted pedophile and his character was being stabbed, kicked, and pounded by the media and public opinion, where were the candlelight vigils then? When you were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic,did you hear every other car blasting "Billie Jean" from their Alpine speakers so loud that your windows were shaking and vibrating? I would venture to say probably not.
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Almost every other blog post I see has some type of story dedicated especially to him. Pictures and videos galore. Folks hoopin' and hollerin' bout how they loved Mike and will miss him and how he was the greatest.(Sidenote: I wrote a story about him too, but the focus was on how he died).MySpace pages have become Michael Jackson SHRINES. BET even dedicated their '09 award show to his memory. Why now? The man is GONE and won't be coming back. He needed our assurance that he was irreplaceable when his album sales were no longer shooting through the cosmos. When he was on trial for his life and his integrity was being eaten for breakfast, lunch AND dinner, he needed our love and support to be TIRELESS. While the current displays of admiration and loyalty are gut wrenching and touching, the fact is Jacko can no longer appreciate it. The beautiful and colorful arrangement of flowers that will more than likely surround his casket he won't be able to smell. The expressions of adulation and devotion he won't be able to hear.

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My point here is simple. Don't wait until an individual crosses over to the spirit realm to express your admiration. Show them that they are one of a kind despite any hang ups they may have. Life is uncertain. Let's start living like we know that already.


  1. Juicy Carter said...:

    I agree 100% and its sad but with alot of celebs that pass people forget all about them or what they've done until they're dead and gone then they wanna act like that person meant so much to them when really I think alot of people are just followers and act like they care because thats the "cool" thing to do. Everyone has MJ as their main pic and background on myspace with his song playing so they can "Look" like they care all of a sudden. If your "Heroes" section on myspace didnt say Michael Jackson before he passed then dont add him now.

  1. ☆Reese✮ said...:

    ^^^ well said both of you!!

  1. Jonesy said...:

    I agree with this post and comment as well! As I've said before, most people were talkin' mad shit about him, but they jump on the bandwagon because it's what "all the cool kids" are doing. Its for attention (public) and for ratings (media). When he was alive they didn't let him have peace, now that's he's dead they won't let him rest in peace. People I tell you.

  1. Thank y'all ladies!! I appreciate y'all reading AND tellin it like it is!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    It is very sad.

    I think that many people have become desensitized to death and unfortunately the thought of death is something we would rather not entertain. I don't think that people have bad intentions but more or less try very much to enjoy life to the fullest which at times means some people won't get the attention they deserve.

    I'm sure Michael surrounded himself with the people who he loved and who loved him back and while he was alive they were the only things that mattered. His family and his fans. He loved his fans.

  1. NaturallyAlise said...:

    very well said... i hate bandwagon mourners... and his death has brought some insincere people out, but also some real people that truly loved the guy and even bought the "unpopular" albums... too bad the fakers outnumber them....

  1. @Cheron
    I so appreciate that point of view. You don't appear to be desensitized to the human species the way I am!! Lol. But I think that we as people, in the court of life, are found GUILTY of being fickle and fairweathered. I just feel like the media accolades and emotions he would have appreciated MORE when he was actually able to receive it..

  1. @Alise
    I agree..I just don't remember in recent years that Mike received all these props and dedications..if he was ever discussed in the media, they normally were poking fun at his cosmetic surgery mishaps or the way in which he chose to raise his kids...

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