Shocked And Surprised!!


There I was.
Casually crusin' the internet interstate lookin' for tantalizing topics of discussion when I decided to make a pit stop here:

Couldn't believe what I was readin'.
Was this guy for real?
He took the subject of "steppin' out on your mate" to a brand new level.
Givin' us gurls a blow-by-blow(no pun intended) blueprint of how we can indeed have our cake and eat it too.


Y'all gonna have to 'scuse me but it's 'bout to get REAL funky up in here.
Check this out.
Cheatin' is WRONG.

•I don't care if you're a NFL OR NBA baller.

Doesn't matter if you can make an individual orgasmically combust from all the cash you may have in your bank accounts.

It's irrelevant if you've got game good enough to make him or her " leave the one their with to start a new relationship with you."

Don't care if you've got boobs big enough to end world hunger.

It just...AINT. RIGHT.


I'm about to take a hard left with this convo so hang on tight.
Any man who has big enough walnut sacs to call a woman out her name because she chooses to
"test drive" a different model car than the one she has sittin' at home, can politely kiss my San Andreas Fault line.
I ain't sayin' that ole' girl is livin' right.
But damn y'all.
What happened to equal opportunity?
Why she gotta be called skank?
How 'bout stankin' azz ho?
If a lady is all of these thangs, than what does that make a man who's gettin' down and dirty just like the sista' is?



  1. Anonymous said...:

    I read the article too and while I do think cheating is wrong, I also agree that the double standard needs to be abolished that says women who cheat are skanks but it's ok for men. A person (man or woman) will either cheat or they won't. One blog post detailing the best ways to get away with it will change that fact.

  1. LadyNgo said...:

    LOL, i've been following BGAE for a while now. And its mostly BS that strokes the ego of stupid, immature men who think that they can do whatever and women should just fall in line with it. NC17 is a great writer and certainly knows how to capture an audience but like i said, its all mostly BS with a hint of good points mixed in for good measure.

  1. He aint ish either! Period point blank! This is one double standard that I cant with!

    Cheating is wrong IMO. Why cheat at all. If you feel that cheating is right, why not just have an open relationship with the one your with therefore there are no misconceptions, and no surprises.

  1. Thank, Q said...:

    I actually like the Black Girl is Easy blog. I don't agree with the opinion of the author all of the time, but it's honest. There are plenty of double standards in the world, especially when it comes to women. It doesn't make it right, but it's real. I don't think we'll ever shake the double standards because the country was built on them. Plant an apple seed, you're going to get an apple no matter how hard you wish you didn't. It's an unfortunate reality.

  1. Reggie said...:

    Are there such things as boobs large enough to end world hunger?!?

    Those I've got to see!!!

  1. ♛ FWB said...:

    Hope to see you in the chat tomorrow (8pm eastern)! =]We're discussing and debating it all out. Be there to set the record straight!

    We LOVE all that you have to say here on your site =].

    <3 FWB

  1. Tameka said...:

    Oh my! Thanks for hipping a sister to the BGAE blog. I will need to read some of the posts at my leisure to see what the deal is. In reading the most recent post I can see the voice is raw and arrogant but seemingly authentic. He's speaking his true. Might not be pretty though. I will also be back on your blog too. Very real!

  1. Xay B. said...:

    This is funny. But it makes sense.

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