This Chick Needs Some Help!!


Don't get it twisted.
I support my sistas, mmkay?
I don't make a practice of drinkin' tall, frosty glasses of Haterade.
I just tells it like I sees it.
Now,what I'm about to say may indeed get me some mean mugs and maybe even some smackin' and poppin' of the lips.
But I'm prepared cuz what I'm about to preach is GOSPEL.


Lisa Raye.
Of course she Stevie Wonder here.
But let's be real.
Her actin' skills are as stank as orangutan poop roasted over an open fire.
No matter what role she plays, she always plays it the SAME WAY.


Is it any wonder that most movies she ends up in look like a film student's homework project?
Ya know the ones.
The actors have like 5 minute pauses between each line.
Hairstyles lookin' like they came straight from the pages of Homemade Hoochie Hair.
The actin' styles are seriously overdone like Golden Corral's meatloaf.
Are you thinkin' that I have no appreciation for the various riveting roles that Lisa plays?
Then check out this sad sack of shiznit:


If you don't want to see Clifton Powell's hershey squirt skid marks in his tidy whitey's, I wouldn't watch this one.
Nah. I'm serious.
Or how about this one:


I haven't even seen this one in the $5.00 bin at Wally World.
See what I'm sayin?
She's got high class looks with low budget skills.
Somehow she wormed her way onto VH1's Single Ladies.


This is just my opinion as humble as it may be, but perhaps she should just stick to modelin'.

At least that way she doesn't have to open her mouth.


  1. 12kyle said...:

    Great post!

    I agree 100% on LisaRaye. I will state the obvious...she is fine. And I mean finer than frog hair! old southern term...corny right?LoL

    She can't act, tho. I don't know if she ever could. I had no idea that this western even existed. LoL. I TRIED to give Single Ladies a shot. I watched 10 mins of the first episode and it was horrible. I could take it. I turned the channel and I haven't looked back.

    Why does she keep getting jobs? I think it's b/c of her looks. She's a terrible actress. And if that's hating, pour me a cup! ;)

  1. I would have to say you are right on point with this. I can't believe how much her acting has NOT improved, because she keeps getting more opportunities. I got hooked on all the cameo appearances of chocolate eye candy on this show and for that I must suffer through her lack of skills LOL !

  1. @12
    "...finer than frog hair."
    Blahaa..yes, that was corny , but its cool. I don't know HOW Lisa keeps gettin' actin work. Unless her hidden talents are in the boudoir, ya feel me?
    Single Ladies is a JOKE. I tried watchin' it too, but that was an epic fail.

  1. @beautifully
    Yeah, the men on there don't look half bad. But girl, I still can't watch it!! It's just too cheesy and corny mixed with all that bad actin!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    My sentiments exactly! One woman to another, LisaRaye is gorgeous! However, her movie roles are one in the same and her acting is the dividend of mediocre. I must admit, All of Us was a favorite of mine during its running though.

    Now 'Single Ladies'?! Different story. I held off for as long as a possibly could until I figured that it could give me some interesting topics to blog about... SO I spent 4 hours of my life on OnDemand catching up on the first 4 episode. Some of the worst acting I have EVER seen.

  1. @Kellz
    Bless your heart angel!! You endured 4 HOURS of Single Ladies??!! Honey, you deserve accolades for that!!

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