Movin' On...


With each passing day I've come to realize a fundamental truth.
Yes indeed.
I remember my first taste of what REAL freedom felt like.
Graduation Day baby!
Glidin' and slidin' down that aisle while the tassle on my cap kept whippin' and wavin' in my face.
My parents plottin' and plannin' how they was gonna "rechristen" all the rooms in the house once they child done finally hit the bricks.
Ok. Wait. (Needle scratchin' on the record).
Never mind. That visual almost made last night's din din resurface.
Anywhooters, I had everything all mapped out.


Grad school.
Open up my own marriage counseling practice.


I actually did get to college.
Partied a lil' bit. Studied more though.
Yes, I am a certfied geek (but a COOL one).
Enlightening experience.
Studied there for 2.5 years until...


Dropped out of school.
Moved me and my wee lil' one down to the home of gators and orange trees.
Lived with my boyfriend/baby daddy/buttwipe.
One year later.


Are you sick of me yet?
I dang sure am!!
Mom and Dad decided to call it quits.
She loads up the Lincoln and we move on down to the land of the two step and rodeos.
Welp. It's been 15 years.
I've endured 3 MORE young ones, several dead end jobs AND a marriage spurned from the boughs of HELL.
But I'm still here. With most of my sanity in tact.
I've since divorced and am engaged to wonderful man who embraces my weaknesses and doesn't EXPLOIT them.
My children and I are pilin' up the movin' truck and beatin' feet to the land of sunny skies and endless beaches.


Guess what?
Once I get to my destination, I'm goin' back to finish my education and become that counselor that I always dreamed about.
Am I scared?
Shakin' like a crack fiend tryin' to go cold turkey.
But ya know, I've decided to allow my fear to motivate me in the right direction.
No more lookin' back.
Full steam ahead.



  1. Reggie said...:

    Nice post.

    All baby birds take flight and leave the nest. Sometimes we all need to self evaluate and then move on. Often times a move is good for the soul.

    When I graduated from high school my father gave me luggage. He said I'd need it since I was going somewhere. The military or college, he didn't care provided I got up and went somewhere.

  1. Ms. Behaving said...:

    Sounds like a plan :)...All the best to you and the fam.

  1. @Reggie
    Thanks. The same method that your dad used on you, I'm tempted to use that on my 17 year old son. He's lacking some SERIOUS motivation.

  1. k_b said...:

    Was feelin this post :) going through a divorce right now so I get it!

  1. @kb
    Thanks!! It's nice to know that someone can relate!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    This is inspiring to me! You've had children, have been married and divorced and you're still going after your goals despite it all. Now here I am, no children and still single and I'm ready to call it quits on my own goals! God really does move through everything! I wish you the best!! You can do it!

  1. @Kellz
    Hey girl!! Thanks for that compliment!! Glad it helped!! I wish you the best and I know YOU can do it too!!

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