Friday's Femme Fatale


Jill Scott.
All the way REAL.
All the way LIVE.


Even though she works in the land of Hollywhore ('scuse me I meant Hollywood), I've never heard about her:
*Havin' sex tapes floatin' around on the net
*Messin' 'round with somebody else's man or husband
*Havin' someone conveniently "leak" nekkid or revealin' pics of her layin' on her bed with her finger stuck in her nether regions
Now, don't get me wrong.
I ain't sayin' that she isn't participatin' in any of these asinine activities.
She's just classy enough that we never really HEAR too much about her private life.


Her music isn't a bunch of feel good beats with mindless flow and lyrics.
It has substance.
Musically meaty.
She talks about topics and issues that I as a woman can relate to.
She ain't talkin 'bout sexin' a man out of all dey dough.
Not singin' 'bout goin' shoppin' with her gurls at stores where they ain't even HIRIN' black women let alone shoppin' there.
Ms. Scott is on a whole 'nother level.


I'm not sayin' her music is rated PG.
She keeps it gully... but just in a sophisticated kind of way.
If you listen to some of the words in her songs, you can tell that Jill is probably a freak-a-leek.
Good for her.
Here's an example.
These are some the verses to one of her tunes called "Epiphany:"

Watching as he took the holder off his shoulder
Fire in his eyes, hands gettin' bolder
...dug him for his bank account but really for his private
Damn about a mindset
Really wasn't into that
Needed me some pleasin' his jawn lookin' real fat
Started simple
Massaging on my temple
Pinching on my....

Honey, this girl puts sex in spoken word like I ain't neva heard before!
If you like those lyrics, this song can be found on this cd:



  1. 12kyle said...:

    I love me some Jill Scott. I've been a fan from day 1. She's sensual and sexy and she has a melodic voice. And while she doesn't have Beyonce's moves & weave, she is truly a gem.

  1. Bey is merely a product of the pop genre. She has no TRUE substance to me. I did enjoy her music more when she was with Destiny's Child.

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