Friday's Femme Fatale


They don't make 'em quite like this no mo'. Yes suh! Pam Grier was...THAT. WOMAN. Badly behaved. But she had reason to be.
They killed her man.
One time some thugs tried to take over her daddy's business. Y'all know Pam wasn't goin' for dat!!
She fought for truth.
Who else you know that could wear a slinky and sexy dress, wield a double barreled shotgun, AND throw some karate kicks that would make even Bruce Lee envious?
Ya betta' know it!!
My girl Pam.


For all my blaxplotation buds out here in Blogsville, tonight startin' at 8, you can catch Pam packin' a powerful punch in:
Sheba Baby
Foxy Brown!!!

So jump in ya jammies, pop some kettle corn, grab a glass goblet of grape Kool-Aid, and tune into TV-One!!
If for some reason, ya can't tune in at that time, then DVR IT!!


  1. bigbruhBT said...:

    Gotta thank CentricTV for putting me down with the Blaxploitation and the luvly Foxy Brown.

  1. Pam was one BADDDD chick!!

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