Wish I Was More Like Her..


When my darlin' 18 year old-she child left home, I felt like Evander must've felt when Mike decided to have a snack and nibble on his ear.
She left home cuz she knew that she couldn't have her red velvet cake and eat it too.
Here was our issue.
She was involved with a dude that I felt was just too dang old.
I mean, what was wrong with her gettin' a lil high school homeboy?
After all, she was still a senior.
Not quite grown yet.


It was brought to my attention that she had been sneakin' behind my back and still choppin' it up with this man.
I'm sorry, but that just didn't sit well with me.
See, my parenting philosophy was real simple.
If she didn't like the ground rules that I had set up, well..
Let's put it this way.
It's my job to take care of KIDS, not kids tryin' to be GROWN.
Told her that she couldn't continue to eat, sleep and be taken care of if my guidelines couldn't be followed.
Guess I told her, huh?


Gotta be real and say that it didn't quite go the way that I thought it would.
She was supposed to be too SCARED to be out there in the big wide world.
Without the help and support of her mommy dearest.
Chile' please.
She ended up callin' her man, packed her stuff and got GHOST.
Man, my mind was movin' a million miles a second.
She did it.
Gave up everything that was familiar and somewhat safe to forge out into the unknown.


What I'm about to say may sound mad crazy and off the wall.
Kinda like Hannibal Lecter or Charles Manson-crazy.
But today was my drinkin' day so here it goes.
Felt like she was my heroine.
My girl didn't know what was waitin' for her once her feet hit the door.
She knew that when she left up out of here that it was gonna be a DONE DEAL.
Wasn't allowed to come back.
Yet, because she didn't want to take a gamble and lose a potential good thing, she took her chances and rolled out.
She didn't allow her fear to keep her from pursuing her passion.


Coincidentally, I'm facin' a somewhat similar situation with my own Mom and my fiance.
Think she would rather see me with the likes of Napoleon Dynamite.
We're two best friends at a crossroads.
While the choice is obvious, it's not an easy one.
I love my Mom with every single fiber of my being.
But my fiance is the only man that I want to spend the rest of my life loving.
I'm taking a page out of my teen queen's book and going forth not knowing what lies ahead.
Like her, I'm willing to take the risk.


  1. 12kyle said...:

    I think there's something to be said for the risk that she took. We all take risks but they must be calculated. Sounds like her risk was calculated. Cant be mad at her for that. I hope it continues to work out for her. I think it's great that as a parent you took a stand!

    Follow her lead! We only live once

  1. Xay B. said...:

    I agree, I think she'll be ok.

    Que The Lights
    QTL Images

  1. @Xay B
    Thanks! I think she'll be ok too.

  1. Ms. Behaving said...:

    It's a cold/cruel world out there so it's hard not to admire her for taking the risk.

    Now all you gotta do is pray that she'll be okay and if she hasn't run back home yet, odds are she's doin' just fine. :)

  1. Newy said...:

    She'll be fine. Take a page from her book. You only live once. I went to my high school graduation with a suitcase and I never looked back. Sure I went to visit during holidays etc. But in 20 + years I didn't go back to stay every again....even when it got hard. You better believe she is stronger than you think...and so are you.

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