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Just when you thought reality tv couldnt get any more rauchier, here come these slutburgers on a bun:


Bad Girls Club. The Two-Faced-Trick Troop. How 'bout Potty-Mouth Posse? A bunch of trashy chicks tryin' to cohabitate under one roof. Each one tryin' they HARDEST to be the most obscene and obnoxious. I hate to admit this, but I actually find myself tunin' in to watch this sick combination of Girls Gone Wild with a side order of soft porn.
Now I dig Sydney cuz her fire engine colored coiffure is the bizness:


On the real though, I think her 'do was meant to match her personality: Mz. Hot-In-the Pants!! Now I'm not some old maid or a prude. There is nothin' wrong with a woman bein' sensual and sexual AS LONG AS ITS IN THE RIGHT CONTEXT AND ITS DONE CORRECTLY. I mean, you could probably call 1800-CALL-A-HOE and she would have the most clients!!! I ain't lyin!!
Here. Have a peep:

Whoever is bold or brave enough to get with this gurl needs to check her mouth for open sores on her lips and cheeks(shudderin').


  1. Traci Lavette said...:

    These broads are straight skanks! I mean I don't know where they're getting them from but these chicks have NO class and clearly don't think long term. They are all about the claim to fame that really ends up making them look like deviants of society. I mean! And the one girl that left her marketing job to come on the show was stupid! I commend her for leaving the job for something more fulfilling, because that's what life is supposed to be all about. But come on now! You choose to do it in the Bad Girls House with all that trash??!! Seriously now. It's a joke. I watched the first episode of this one and haven't been back to watch again. They are trying way too hard and it's not believable, in the least.

    It's like they all aspiring to be a New York, or a Natalie (and I say that one barely because she is grasping). But they are the two that managed to get some kind of air time, post the FAUXality scene.

  1. For real Trace...I couldnt believe she left her STEADY, SECURE job position to be a makeshift "den mother" in a house full of garden tools!!Is a minute in the spotlight THAT important??!

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