Basketball Booty Buddies


Is anyone else out here in the blogosphere wonderin' the same thang I am? Now, I might step on a few acrylic toenails, but here goes my mouth. Sigh. WHY IN THE NAME OF WEAVES AND LIMA BEANS IS THIS SHOW CALLED BASKETBALL WIVES?? Basketball wifeys...maybe. Only 2 single, solitary chicks can actually sang that he didnt just put a ring on it, but made it official.

Ms. Shaq-a-crack in all her delicious divorceness(ok, I got that word from my ebonics dictionary)

(I think she looks cuter with longer locks) and

Jenny "Whiny-Boo" Williams:

The rest of the crew are basketball baby mamas or almost-made-it-didn't QUITE-get- to the altar-mamis:

Evilene (oops I'm sorry) I meant Evelyn:


Ms Royce "rolls-her-hips-like-a-snake" Reed:


(I'm sorry boo, but Grandma Pearl say she want her church shoes back) and Suzy "Too Tall" Ketchum:


So spill it. Who's your fav basketball wifey?


  1. Traci Lavette said...:

    I wish I was the one with Dwight Howard's baby instead of Royce's ass! I will say that.

    But...though Royce can't claim the ring, I will have to say that she is the fave. She is the only one that keeps it real and that has any balls. The other chicks are puppets FOR REAL.

    Honestly, when I saw the title of the post, you were gonna say what I've been thinkin for a minute - Evelyn and Jennifer are gettin' down with each other. They may not do it all the time and both might love men, but they don' done some thangz! Can't NObody convince me otherwise.

    Oh...and tell me how you get those pictures at the top of the screen. If you don't tell me, I'mma have to request you take Derwin down! LOL!

    Missed you! Glad you're back creating again.


  1. Royce is ok, but she needs to step up her fashion game just a tad..she dresses like an old woman tryin' 2 be sexy. My fav chick is me despite the fact tht she used to be married to a baller, she didn't let that change her. Tami is just who she is. Hoodtastic. Lol.I love her for that. You really think Ev and Jen got down like THAT??!! I thought it was awful "coincidental" that not too long after Evelyn's nude pics got "leaked", then Jennifer had to follow suit like a good lil puppy.SMH.

  1. Thank_Q said...:

    I don't have a face. I wish all of them would go away. So many people look up to these losers as if they're accomplishing something, but I don't think they are. They fight, backstab and gossip to the point of nausea. At least for me.

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