Get Your Game On!!

I can remember when this show first hit the airwaves on Buffoon Entertainment TV(i.e. BET). I thought that the storyline was corny and had more holes than a corpse after a drive by. Yet my teen queen made it her bizness to bounce her buns in front of the boob tube every week to catch this dreadfully drab drama.


When I used to hear bits and small pieces of this show, I used to wonder why it seems like most predominantly African American shows lack any real substance and the tv sets look as fake a gold chain from the hairstore. The cast is a bunch of B and Z list actors tryin' to shine and keep their jobs by seriously overactin' their different roles.
Wendy is the worst with it.


From The Steve Harvey Show to Two Can Play That Game, her actin' is just WAY too hood. Regardless, my daughter was a die hard fan and insisted that I watch it. I mean, she would continously watch the reruns so much that I would secretly delete them from our DVR lineup. (Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to keep your sanity). When BET started advertisin' the new episodes, I thought that I would have to shoot her with a tranquilizer gun to calm her butt down!! Everytime they showed the commerical:


She would get to hollerin' like she was catchin' the Holy Ghost. 'Bout scared me to death. Somehow, her excitement became contagious like the stomach flu. Wouldn't you know that I caught it? I decided to give it another try. Honey, when the premiere night rolled around we were actin' like plum fools up in here!! We went and got all these munchies from the store like we were preparin' for a hurricane. I was postin' it on FB. Wowzers. I was out there. Finally the moment we had been waitin' for was up on us. In all honesty, the episode wasn't that bad. It was a nice twist to see Meagan Good even if she was feedin' Malik's hungry behind ego (plus ole' girl could really use the work):


Unfortunately, the actin' is still as overdone as my aunt's meatloaf. Malik and Jason are more obnoxious then they ever were. Kelly is killin' me with her new so called Bad Girls Club image. Oh well. Rome wasn't built in a day.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I felt like this about The Game as well. I talked down about it but I sat and watched the entire first season on dvd with my BFF and I was hooked. Went online and watched seasons 2 and 3 and anxiously counted down to the premier! I love The Game...hopefully they tone down all the SUPER acting...

  1. Hey Kellz!! Yes,they need to tone down the "super" acting very quickly!! It can wear on ya!! Lol..

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