Slow Down "Special K"!!


Wonder what her foot tastes like? It must be pretty tasty cuz she's usually got it stuck in her cavern that she calls a mouth!! Dang Kim!! You just hooked up with this dude Kris back around Turkey Day of last year. Now you twitterin' 'bout how you want yall's love child to look? Ain't this what sent Reggie runnin' and screamin' towards the football stands tryin' to get away from you? At least let the man name ya and claim ya first!! Clearly a blind man can see that this chica is dyin' of thirst. The only thang that will quench it is ia a NFL or NBA baller beverage, ok?
Nothin' like a nice chocolate cocktail with a tantalizin' twist of muscles, eh?


Or a mocha latte with a extra smidge of milk?


Kim sweetie. Let me give ya some sista gurl advice. Before you start picturin' how your baby gone have Gucci booties and how you and Kris gone be chucky cheesin' it up in the camera with your lil bundle of joy, close ya legs for a sec. You might have him slobberin' and foamin' at the mouth now, but beautiful women are just as common to him as hair stores in the hood. In other words..THEY'RE EVERYWHERE. Stop movin' so daggone fast. Pump your brakes. Pu ya car on cruise and just enjoy the ride for right now. If you want Kris to poof and be gone, just keep doin' lame brain jive mess like this.


  1. Reggie said...:

    This is true.

    Still......she does have a really nice centaur-esque ass.

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