I'm a single mama with 4 kiddies, two of them bein' I-don't want-to-do-nothin-you-say-teenagers. Now, with this all star lineup one would think that I get enough every day conflict and combat to be an honorary member of Charlie's Angels. Yet sometimes, I don't want to be a PART of the action. I would much rather SEE IT. This is why when I saw this golden gem peekin' at me from the shelves of Wally World:


I knew I had to have it.Trust me, this motion picture masterpiece did NOT disappoint!! The Italian Stallion(Stallone) is the head honcho of a group of professional rough and tumble soldiers. They're gettin' paid by a somewhat mysterious stranger (Willis) to help bring down a devilish dictator in Latin America. Sylvester might be in his 60's now, but he's just as agile and active as the rest of his costars!!


I have to admit that I was surprised. I thought that with all the heavy hitters in this film there would be some serious ego issues among themselves. Yet, each of their roles blended together perfectly just like a mango blueberry smoothie. However, it's not some story about a bunch of mindless, muscled up dudes who are randomly shootin' grenades at everything that moves. This is a well thought out story line with a few twists and turns along the way. If you have a weak tummy, I wouldn't really recommend viewin' this one. It's downright graphic and grotesque at certain points.
Still not sure if this one is for you?
Take a look:


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