Mama's Movie Review!!


Question. Would you be willing to put your own life at risk to get the things you've always wanted? What kinds of things would you do to get fame and fortune? What if you could get just about any beautiful bambino or handsome hunk that your heart desired? Would ya do it? If your answer was "heck yeah, fa sho', prolly or maybe," than what ya waitin' on? Ya need to hit up Netflix or Redbox and check this flick out!


I had never seen or heard of this moving picture masterpiece. Consequently, when I saw that my main man Robert Deniro was in this one, I was DEFINITELY all in! This one is about a dude who's down on his luck. I mean, his woman told him sayanora. He lives in a dump that would make the projects look like Hollywood Hills. Pathetic. But then, in comes his guardian angel wearin' a black Brook Brothers suit. Here is where the thrill ride begins and never stops.


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