Grow Up Already!!


I have a 17 year old son. He's tettering between the bridge of boyhood and the manhole of manhood. Arghh!! More often than not, he's testy, moody and brooding. His room often smells like overcooked onion stew with a side of toejam. Video games and our Netflix subscripton seem to be the only things that makes him want to rise and shine. When he finally does lumber out of his batcave, he is often whinin' and wearin' my nerves askin' why he has to get up so early. Excuse you. SINCE WHEN IS 11 IN THE DARN (Yes, I said DARN..this is serious..) MORNIN' CONSIDERED EARLY??


Just in case you didn't put two and two together my son is now a senior. SAT scores. Prom. College. I would think that my man-in-training would be excited and feelin' downright exhilarated. Think about it! Don't have to worry about Mom comin' in his domain uninvited. Girls. Gettin' to live in an apartment setting with a bunch of horny, clueless teenage dudes. Girls. LOTS.OF.GIRLS. Geez, ok. You get the idea. Wouldn't it seem like he would be ready to go slippin' and slidin' down that aisle to snatch up that diploma?


Well, he ain't!! Lawd knows I've tried to be a good mama to this boy. Offered to help him search for schools. Tried to help him find a job so that he can exercise his right to be more responsible and make a few extra buckaroonies while he's at it. Sigh. Why can't he get motivated? Why does he act like he's tryin' to walk around with lead Timberlands on?


  1. Blaq Mind said...:

    There is an upside to all the headaches; on his 18th, you can throw him the hell out. Then he'll find all the motivation you've always dreamed he had eh.

  1. You have spoken THE TRUTH!! I'm lookin forward to that day, trust me!!

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