Good Things Come In The Most Unexpected Packages!!

To go or NOT to go. This was the question dancin' along the corners of my mind on this particular Thursday mornin'. Should I make this darin' drive down to the Sunshine State with two surly teenagers and two overly rambunctious kiddos? My common sense and voice of reason were screamin' and hollerin' for me to rethink this option. But what could I do? My biological best friend (my momma) needed me like an alcoholic needs their sponsor. Why is that you may ask? Let me explain. See, one of her cuzzo's who just also happened to be her best friend received her wings and went to live with our Heavenly Father in Glory. I knew she was takin' it pretty hard.


My madre was in the process of flyin' the friendly skies on down there to Florida where the homegoin' services were bein' held. Meanwhile, I back in here in the land of the Texas two step and barbeques, was stuck in a dilemma. Man, that was gonna be a 24 hour drive. Plus, my finances were so tight that you would think I had a girdle fastened around my dinero!! I sucked in a watery, shaky breath and contacted my bank to check my ever shrinkin' bank account.


Well, wonders never cease!! I ended up havin' more cushion for the pushin' than I expected so this trip was on and poppin' baby!! Yes, this get-a-away was gonna drain my account so dry that it looked like the Sahara Desert but so what? Indeed, we would have to feast on PB&J sandwiches for the rest of the month but I didn't care. My best friend needed me. Some eight hours later, my rat pack and I loaded up the truck and hit the dusty trail!!

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Needless to say that once we reached our destination, the sacrifice was all well worth it. Keep in mind that she had NO idea that we were comin'. My mom was so, so shocked and surprised. She cried, laughed, guffawed out loud and lifted holy hands ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! Hey! It takes a real display of talent to express so many different emotions at one time!! A couple of days later while I was casually loungin' at my grandfather's, I received a phone call. To my surprise, it was one of my favorite childhood bullies. He had heard from my cuz that I was down there for the funeral and he just wanted to say hey. At that very moment a very strange and surreal feelin'came over me. I asked him to drop by and visit. WHAT??!!


He came about 20 minutes later. I stepped outside expectin' to see the same skinny, kinda scrawny dude who was always goin' out of his way to be a donkey's behind every time he saw me. Honey, what I actually SAW was an endless river of carmel creamed skin that was beautifully inked with an array of the sexiest tats that I think that I had ever feasted my eyes on. I thought that I would never stop lookin' up at this dude. I mean, he's like the Empire State building tall! Just....breathtakin'. I gotta be real. I was only expectin' to talk to him maybe about 15-20 minutes. It wasn't like we were best of friends growin' up or anything.


As he and I began to chat it up, your girl learned some very..shall we say..interestin' information.

He told me that the reason that he was always so mean to me was because he was secretly crushin'! Are you serious??!! I never would have guessed that one!! Anywhooters, we continued to catch each other up on what was goin' on in each others' lives. I mean, let's face it. The last time that we interacted was about 15 years prior. Here's the part that really had me shook. I was really startin' to feel this gentleman. He was very easy on the eyes. I won't deny that. Yet, it was his stimulation of my cerebral cavity that really had me goin'. Was it really possible? I mean, the guy who I had once wished would step out in front of a movin' train was turnin' on my light switch in ways that I didn't think was possible.


We were both so drawn that we ended up spendin' the ENTIRE night together. Literally. I mean the sun was makin' it's way over the horizon by the time we pulled oursleves away from each other. Now, don't be shakin' your head and waggin' your finger!! I didn't let him tap it or wax it. We just spent the entire night talkin'. Ok. Maybe a few stolen kisses here and there but he did NOT get my panties as a souvenir or trophy. Lol.


It's been a lil' over a month. Things are goin' fantastically well considerin' that we're close to 2,000 miles apart. We talk and text every day as if we live in the same city. Logically, it all makes very little sense. We hadn't stayed in touch after all these years. We just met up with each other again one night and have bonded as tight as the glue on a weave. Incredible. He and I will be meeting up again come this summer and we're both thrilled beyond belief. The interconnection that we share defies my human understandin'. Don't worry. I haven't completely lost my head. We're takin' things as they come. But this time, I intend to grab life by the horns and just ride it out and..enjoy.



  1. Shawn Smith said...:

    Glad to have you back.

  1. Freckles said...:

    YAY MAMAS!!!! I sure was going to send you an email as I had not heard/read you in a while. Glad that you are still above ground.

    ...stimulation of my cerebral cavity... Girrrrrrrrrrrl, that is the best things since Michael Jordan's come back - HIGH FIVE!

  1. @Freckles
    Glad that you like it gurl!!!

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